What will i miss switching from iphone to android? Explained

Here we go with the topic of the day, what will i miss switching from iphone to android.

This is a fantastic and very common as we have different varieties of android phone. For the fact that you’re asking this question means that you’re looking forward to switching from iPhone to android.

And the question is, what will you miss when you made the switch.

Let’s proceed to the answer.

What will i miss switching from iphone to android

What will i miss switching from iphone to android?

You will miss iMessage, facetime, find my app, good camera for video recording, the software, and the resale value when switching from iPhone to android.

But mostly what you will miss switching from iPhone  to android is iMessage and FaceTime. These are the features that are greatly lacking on Android.

Since the release of android 14, and samsung one ui 5.1, I noticed that samsung phones are fast and smooth, especially the Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra.

That can be said for google pixel phones as well.

They are very fast smooth just like iPhones or even way better than iPhones. So right now, android phones especially Google pixel phones and samsung phones are smooth and fast, and you can’t miss iPhone smooth and fast operating system.

Being the type that owns multiple phones like iPhone 14 pro max, samsung galaxy s23 ultra, and the google pixel 6a, I will explain all you will miis when switching from iphone to android.

1. iMessage

What will i miss switching from iphone to android

iMessage is very popular among iPhone or apple users. This instant messaging app has dwarfed the use of whatsapp among iPhone users especially those living in the states.

Switching from iphone to android will definitely prevent you from using iMessage. This means that your friends and family members that previously have you on iMessage will no longer be able to contact you on iMessage.

So far, you can’t use iMessage on any android device except for apple devices.

So talking about what will i miss switching from iphone to android? You will definitely miss iMessage.

But if you live in an environment that mostly use whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, viber, etc, then you won’t be missing iMessage at all.

For example, I live in an environment where whatsapp is the number one. I can’t remember the last time I made use of iMessage because all my family members, friends, colleagues, etc all make use of whatsapp.Some don’t even know or heard of iMessage.

2. Facetime

What will i miss switching from iphone to android

Like seriously you will miss facetime.

Okay, so right now facetime call can be received on android, but android phone or tablet can’t initiate a facetime call.

Apple has made it possible to receive a facetime call using a browser, and this makes it possible to receive a facetime call on your computer or android phone and tablet.

However, the call must be initiated on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, by creating a facetime link.

Being an android user, if you don’t have someone using an iPhone to create and share facetime link, you can’t receive a facetime call.

So if you love facetime a lot, using it for your video call and audio call, you sure will definitely miss facetime when wwitching from iphone to android.

3. Good camera for video recording

There’s no doubt that when it comes to the best smartphone with a good camera system for video recording, iPhone is simply the best.

However, I must admit that samsung did a fantastic job on samsung galaxy s23 ultra by bridging the cap between iPhone, and samsung camera quality for video recording.

In some occasion, I found samsung galaxy s23 ultra producing a more accurate video quality more than the iPhone 14 pro max.

But this has to be samsung most powerful smartphone.

When compared to other samsung phones or android phones including the google pixel phones, iPhones are much better for video recording.

If you’re planning to switch from iphone to android, you should go for Samsung flagship phone or Google pixel flagship phone in order to get a good camera system.

Mind you, I’m not saying that other android phones have a bad camera quality, no, but rather samsung and google pixel has an edge over other android phones.

4. IOS Software

One major thing I love about ios phones or iPhones is the fact that they always last longer compared to any other android phone.

I still have my old iPhone 6 and it is still working and fast. However, my old samsung galaxy S7 has went into the oblivion simply because the phone is unusable.

The phone became relatively slow and annoying, the battery went bad. No more software updates for along time, so it became worthless especially as it hang and takes a long while to open an app.

I’ve seen lots of people making use of iPhone 8 series, and it works faster just like any other iPhone.

This is one advantage ios has over android.

You can use an iPhone for more than five years and it won’t slow down. But for android, the story changes.

As samsung promised android software update up to five years, let’s see how it goes using a Samsung phone for more than three years without the phone slowing down.

For me, as iPhone is a simple phone without much features and customization, these are the features that you will miss when talking about what will i miss switching from iphone to android.

Is it worth it to switch from iphone to android?

It worth the switch from iPhone to android especially if you love customization, and multitasking.

As I’m the type that love to customize without hassle and tussle, I always make use of samsung galaxy s23 ultra as my daily driver.

For me iPhone is too simple and boring though with Widgy you can customize your iPhone.

But not as android device, and you will get Widgy at the end of every widget.

I love the features on my Galaxy s23 ultra more than any other android phone including the google pixel.

For me, asking is it worth it to switch from iphone to android, I will say it depends on it you love customization and multitasking plus other android features.

Will I regret switching from iPhone to Android?

You won’t regret switching from iPhone to android especially if you switch to a high end android phone.

For me, samsung galaxy flagship phones, and the google pixel will be okay for you. They are fast and smooth just like iPhones, especially the google pixel phones.

However, the only regret you will encounter us the resale value incase you won’t to sale your android phone.

Also, it you’re in the Apple ecosystem, you will regret it because file transfer will be difficult from android to Mac.

And lastly, if you mostly use iMessage for your messages, you will likely regret it if your friends and family are iMessage user.

But the truth is that, why can’t you use the phone together. Use both android phone and iPhone together and see which one fit your need most.

Like seriously this is what I do.

Most times I don’t see the need of asking what will i miss switching from iphone to android if you can afford both phones. Just give it a trial and purchase the two phones, then see which one fit you the best.

Switching from iPhone to Android iMessage

If you switch from iPhone to android, you will definitely miss iMessage if you’re the type that make use of iMessage a lot.

But if you’re the type that rarely make use of iMessage but use whatsapp instead, you won’t miss iMessage for a bit.

Please bear in mind that it is not hard to switch from iPhone to android unless you’re not sure about the switching. But I will always say this, I don’t really understand why people talking about switching when you can have both phones.

Like seriously this is the best option I recommend for you. Try to have both android phone and iPhone all together, then you can select your primary or main phone. With this I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, what will i miss switching from iphone to android.

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