What will i miss switching from android to iphone? Explained

So here we go with the topic of the day, what will i miss switching from android to iphone.

This is an interesting topic, and has a lot to answer if you’re an avid android user that wants to switch over to iPhone.

But if i may ask;

Is it possible for you to own the two phones?

I mean having both android phone and iPhone at same time. Like seriously I get confused sometimes when I see people say they switched from android to iPhone, or from iPhone to android.

Common, you can easily have both devices at same time and see which one fits your need the most.

You can have one as you primary phone, while the other will be your secondary or second phone. Like seriously this is what I do.

Well not to waste your time, let’s head over to the main topic we have here.

What will i miss switching from android to iphone

What will i miss switching from android to iphone?

You will definitely miss android customization, multitasking, free music player and for ringtone, etc when switching from android to iPhone.

I will explain this one after the other because if you’re the type that loves android phone features a lot, you will definitely find the iPhone very boring.

1. You will miss customization

This is the number one you will miss especially if you’re the type that customize your phone a lot more.

I’m not saying you cannot customize iPhone, you can but it requires a long process using Widgy plus other apps. The worst part is that it will display Widgy at the end of every widget.

You can’t go wrong with android customization, and due to this, you’re likely going to see iPhone as a boring phone if you’re into customization.

iPhone is just a simple phone to use.

2. You will miss multitasking

This is another huge android feature that you will miss on iPhone, the option to multitask at any given period.

So far, iPhones don’t multitask except for iPads and Mac.

Well this feature is available on all android phones, both small and large screen, and samsung makes it a lot better with more options for multitasking.

Talking about what will i miss switching from android to iphone, you will definitely miss multitasking.

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3. You will miss a good music player

This is quite annoying when it comes to owning an iPhone, you can’t get a good music player except if you use iTunes and which is not free.

On android, you can easily download any high quality music app from the play store, download music or songs from the internet and play the song on your android device using the music player.

For example, on Samsung, you c download and install samsung music app on any android phone, and with the music app you can play any song you downloaded from the internet.

On iPhone, the case is very different.

If you download a song from the internet on your iPhone, you can’t play the song so easily.

There’s a long procedure to play songs downloaded from the internet, and most ios music apps aside from iTunes are crap.

Talking about what will i miss switching from android to iphone, you will miss playing songs downloaded from the internet on your smartphone.

4. You will miss customized ringtone

Another major issue you will encounter when you switch from android to iPhone, the option to use any music as or voice note as your ringtone and message tone.

Quite annoying.

For you to use a song as your ringtone on iPhone, you have to go iTunes, pay for a song and download the song on your iPhone. Afterwards you can use the song as your ringtone or message tone.

You better bear this in mind while planning to switch from android to iPhone.

5. No mod games

I love mod games, and there are lots of websites offering mod games on android.

The bad news is that mod games are only available on android. You can’t mod a game on ios or use a mod app unless you jailbreak your iPhone which doesn’t worth it at all.

6. No option to download and install app from external sources

On android, you can easily download and install apps from third party websites offering free apps to download and install.

This is not available on iPhone.

It you happen to see, they are extremely few and the apps are garbage.

6. The keyboard

I so much hate iphone keyword along with SwiftKey keyboard for ios. You can’t compare it with android version, as SwiftKey keyboard for android is very much better than the ios version.

Samsung default keyboard and google keyboard are way better than ios keyboard. This is why I mostly use my samsung phone a lot especially when it comes to chatting or sending messages.

Whereas, most of my friends and family members are android phone users(Samsung).

If you’re moving from samsung phone to iPhone, you will definitely miss Dex, edge panel, the s pen, good lock app, etc.

Please note

If you’re moving from android to iPhone, and which you have a windows computer, you will find it very frustrating when it comes to file transfer from phone to pc or from pc to phone.

So you better switch to MacBook as well.

Is it worth it to switch from android to iphone

It doesn’t worth it switching from android to iPhone especially if you have a flagship android phone.

Right now, the likes of Samsung and google pixel phones are great, very smooth and fast just like the iPhone.

In terms of camera which is one major key features of an iPhone, the latest samsung flagship phone, the galaxy s23 ultra camera quality is very superb and in some cases better than the iPhone.

Honestly, for me I don’t see the worth of switching from android to iPhone unless you live in an area where everyone mostly use iMessage and facetime.

So you can decide to switch to iPhone in order to chat and make a video call with your friends and family.

Will i regret switching to iphone from android?

Sure you will regret it if you love customization and multi-tasking, and happens to find out that iPhone can be boring.

Like seriously, I mostly use my iPhone for photography or probably video recording.

Aside from this, I don’t use my iPhone a lot. I live in a country where most people use whatsapp and telegram including my friends, colleagues, and family. This makes me not to often use iMessage or facetime except for the very few persons.

Now listen, if you’re the type that use your phone for just internet, social media and Camera, then you won’t regret switching to iphone from android.

But if you love customization, multitasking, mod games, personalized ringtone, free apps downloaded from external sources, sure you will regret switching to iphone from android.

Is it hard to switch from android to iphone?

It may be be quite hard in the sense that to transfer your files and data from android to iPhone is very difficult and can be cumbersome especially if you don’t have a Mac computer.

You can transfer data from android to iphone, but not all data are transferable, as it is mostly photos and videos files.

However, you can easily switch from one android phone to another and easily transfer data and files, but from Android to iPhone, that’s a whole lot of work in terms of file and data transfer.

Asking is it hard to switch from android to iphone in terms of android features, it may be quite hard for you especially if you’re new to iPhone, and don’t know it’s functionality.

But the truth is that iPhone is very easy to use.

It is just a simple phone with few customizations even with Widgy.

On the contrary, it may not be hard for you to switch from android to iphone if you’re a simple smartphone user.

Simple smartphone user that loves photography, video recording, internet and social apps.

So going back to the main question we have here, what will i miss switching from android to iphone? Below are what you will miss switching from android phone to iPhone

  1. You will customization.
  2. You will miss multitasking.
  3. You will miss free music player and setting a personalized ringtone.
  4. You will miss mod apps and the option to download from websites or external app sources.
  5. You will miss android keyword like the SwiftKey, samsung keyboard, and Gboard by Google.

And this is where I draw the curtain in today’s question of what will i miss switching from android to iphone. And I recommend you to use both devices and see which phone fit your need and demand.

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