How to turn off airtag to save battery (A How-to Guide)

Looking for how to turn off airtag to save battery, this post will educate and explain what you need to know when it comes to using Apple airtag, and also the AirTag battery.

Looking at the topic we have here, you’re simply looking for a way to preserve your airtag battery life so that it will last longer for you.

You’re not alone as many airtag users are also looking for a way to make their airtags to last longer.

So let’s jump in.

how to turn off airtag to save battery

How to turn off airtag to save battery

There’s no way to turn off airtag to save the battery, except if you remove the battery from the AirTag.

However, it is pure madness to be frequently removing the AirTag battery when not in use, I don’t see the reason to do so.

Asking should i remove airtag battery when not in use ? Don’t remove the AirTag battery when not in use because you may damage the AirTag in the process.

Now listen, according to apple, the battery in the AirTag is meant to last for a good one year or more than one year until it requires a battery replacement. From what I have observed, usage matters a lot when it comes to preserving the AirTag battery life.

But if you don’t care about removing the AirTag battery, and putting it back on, then you should follow the below step to remove battery from your airtag.

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To get started;

Press down on the stainless steel battery cover of your AirTag and rotate counterclockwise until the cover stops rotating.

how to turn off airtag to save battery

Next thing to do is to remove the cover and finally remove the battery.

Then you can keep the battery at a safe place in order not to misplace the battery.

Once you are in need of the AirTag, put back the battery once again and start using the AirTag. However, I don’t see any reason whatsoever that you should be doing this.

Like seriously it is pure madness and doesn’t worth it at all.

Instead let me show you how you can preserve your airtag battery instead of removing the battery in the name of how to turn off airtag to save battery.

How to save battery on AirTag

In order to preserve or save your airtag battery, below are some measures you need to take;

  1. Don’t play the AirTag sound very often as it tend to reduce the battery when played very frequently.
  2. Use the AirTag when necessary.

1. Don’t play the AirTag sound very often

I noticed that frequent playing the AirTag sound tends to reduce the AirTag battery life.

The feature is very essential if you’re looking for your keys, pets, luggages or other valuable items. However, I recommend you to use the Find Nearby as it is very much helpful just like paying the AirTag sound.

So whenever you’re trying to track your airtag or valuable item which is within the AirTag bluetooth proximity or nearby, simply open Find My app, navigate to Items and tap on your airtag.

Right there you will see Find Nearby as shown in the below picture.

Precision Finding capability

The Find Nearby option is only available from iphone 11 series and above. So far it is not available on iPads, Mac and Apple watch.

So instead of playing sound, simply use the Find Nearby option to track your airtag and this helps to save the AirTag battery life.

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2. Use the AirTag when necessary

If you frequently use an airtag, you should bear in mind that the batter will be running down due to excessive usage.

For me, there’s nothing to complain about because apple airtags are meant to be used, and their battery life is said to last for one year.

However, due to excessive usage the AirTag may not necessarily last for one year or reach upto one year, but instead the battery may run down within six months of usage.

But seriously you don’t need to complain as the price of an airtag is priced at $25 for one, and $80 for four airtags.

You can easily purchase a new one if the battery runs dead or you can replace the AirTag battery with a new one, and start to enjoy your airtag.

Can you turn an AirTag off and on?

No, there’s no way to turn off an airtag and turn it on once again. You can only remove the AirTag battery and put it on when needed to save your airtag battery.

Like I said earlier, it doesn’t worth your stress so go ahead and enjoy your airtag, and when the battery runs fiat, simply get a new airtag batter replacement or you can purchase a new airtag.

Does AirTag drain battery?

Apple airtag don’t necessarily drain battery even when using it to track valuable items except if you frequently play the AirTag sound.

So you want your airtag to last long, then avoid using the play sound option very often except when in need.

How to turn off airtag when not in use?

There’s no way to turn off the AirTag when not in use except if you remove the battery which I don’t recommend.

So far apple built the tracking device that it will remain turned on by default once you removed the tab from the AirTag, and connected it to your phone.

Please you should bear in mind that even if you removed the AirTag from your phone or apple ID, it will still be on though inactive, but the battery will be going down gradually.

Is AirTag always on?

Yes, Apple airtag is always on as long as you have removed the tab, and connected it to a phone.

Once again, even if you remove the AirTag from the phone or Apple ID, it will still be on because once you removed the tab from an airtag and which you heard the first beeping sound, it simply means airtag is active and ready to be paired.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, how to turn off airtag to save battery. So far you cannot turn off airtag but rather can remove the AirTag battery.

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