Should i switch from iphone to samsung? Explained

In today’s blog post we’ll be looking at one of the popular question asked when it comes to smartphones, and that is should i switch from iphone to samsung.

Deciding to switch from an iPhone to a Samsung device involves weighing various factors. Samsung offers a range of models with diverse features, screen sizes, and customization options.

While iPhones are known for their seamless ecosystem and strong privacy measures, Samsung phones offer greater hardware flexibility and expandable storage.

But this doesn’t mean that samsung don’t have an ecosystem, because they do.

Consider your preference for operating systems, app availability, and integration with other devices.

Assess your priorities regarding camera capabilities, design, and software updates. Whether to switch ultimately depends on your individual preferences, willingness to adapt, and desire for a different mobile experience.

Now let’s jump in to the question of the day.

should i switch from iphone to samsung

Should i switch from iphone to samsung?

You should switch from iPhone to samsung if you found the features very exciting, and not into the Apple ecosystem.

However, you can still have the two phones altogether.

You know, most time whenever I see questions similar to this very question of should i switch from iphone to samsung, I really get a bit confused because I don’t think this should be a big deal.

Not at all.

You can have two smartphones, a primary smartphone, and a second smartphone. For example, I have three smartphones, and they are;

  1. iPhone 14 pro max
  2. Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra
  3. Google pixel 6a

You may not necessarily have the budget to buy two phones for your daily use, but still I don’t necessarily see the need for people to ask should i switch from android to iphone or from iphone to android.

Let me tell you this, I recommend you to test both devices and to see which one will fit you the most.

As I have both the Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra, and the iPhone 14 pro max, I will explain more based on my experience.

But first, let me tell you this, I find iPhones Very Boring.

For samsung phone

Having being avid samsung user since the death of nokia Symbian and belle, I love samsung phones a lot especially their flagship phones.

Below are the main reasons why I love samsung phones;

  1. Flagship samsung phones has a stunning beautiful display.
  2. Being an android phone, samsung phone is customizable.
  3. Multitasking.
  4. Since the release of one ui 5.1, flagship samsung phones are smooth and fast (though not as iphone or the pixel phone).
  5. I love the s pen a lot.
  6. I love the camera features of the flagship samsung phones.
  7. Quick share is very superb and I love it a lot.
  8. You can’t go wrong with goodlock app, and the app is quite essential.
  9. Dex.
  10. Right now samsung phones will receive software updates up to 5 years.


Talking about should i switch from iphone to samsung, if you love customization a lot, I recommend you to switch from iPhone to samsung phone or to any other android phone.

I love customization a lot, and that is why my samsung galaxy s23 ultra is my main or primary phone.

Talking about customization, it is also available on iphone thanks to Widgy, but it can never be compared to the likes of KWGT and KWLP.

I use Widgy to customize my iPhone, but I don’t like the fact that it shows Widgy at the end of every widget even when you pay for the app. However, both KWGT and KWLP don’t display their name or logo at the end of every customization.

For customization, android is way better than iphone, and if you love customization a lot, then I don’t see the reason why you shouldn’t have an android phone.

The s pen

I love the s pen a lot, and even though I have both android tablet and an iPad, I always make use of the Samsung s pen.

Very essential for me.

I’m even planning to upgrade to the galaxy Z fold for a more features though I have a samsung tablet.



This is another advantage android phones has over the iPhone, being able to multi-task.

I really like the feature a lot but most times I don’t multitask even thought my samsung phone is quite big enough.

But there are several users that frequently and regularly use the feature, and the good thing about it is that samsung has lot of multitasking feature after the release of one ui 5.

The good lock app

The good lock app adds extra features and customization to any samsung phone though it is not available worldwide.

With the good lock app, you can customize your samsung phone to am extra length from the screen to the keyboard and so on. I love the good lock app and one major reason I love the Samsung phone.

Quick share

should i switch from iphone to samsung

I love the Quick share feature on samsung phones a lot, and since it is available on for windows users, it makes it lot easier to transfer files from a samsung device to a pc or from a pc to a Samsung device.

I love this so much, and I don’t see the need for me to be stuck in Apple ecosystem because of file transfer.

With Quick share, I can easily transfer files between my phone and tablet, and also to my pc, and the best part is that the speed is superb.

Samsung Dex

should i switch from iphone to samsung

Dex adds extra feature ti the Samsung phones and tablet. On my Galaxy s23 ultra, I don’t see myself using Dex. However, on my tablet, I use Dex a lot.

You can use Dex on your computer, though I don’t know if it is possible on Mac, but very much possible on windows. Dex is a nice feature that you will definitely love when it comes to owning a samsung phone or tablet.

If you’re a newbie, samsung Dex is a feature that makes it possible for a user to use his phone or tablet like a computer. You can open multiple apps and place them on top of each other just like on windows or Mac.

And with Dex, you can view your samsung phone screen or tablet screen on your computer.

So good if you’re gaming or watch a movie.

Other reasons why I love samsung phones is the display.

The dynamic amoled display on the flagship samsung phones make it look beautiful along with the high refresh rate, though some do complain that samsung phones produces a more saturated display.

iPhone do offer a more natural display, but for me that uses both phones, I love the Samsung flagship phones vivid color display.

Right now samsung phones are smooth and fast since the release of one ui 5.1, compared to the previous one ui versions.

However, it is still not as smooth as the iPhone or even Google pixel phones.

For the camera features, you have a lot of options when it comes to samsung camera features or the photo gallery. On iPhone, there’s a lot but I prefer the features on samsung phones more than the features on my iPhone. 

Right now, samsung phones will receive software update up to five years, and that’s very fantastic and nice. Previously is just three years maximum, but right now, five years android os update, and six years security patch update.

So when talking about should i switch from iphone to samsung, these are the reasons why I love my samsung phone.

For iPhone

I love the iPhone because of these following features;

  1. iPhone is very fast and smooth.
  2. The camera video quality.
  3. The beautiful design.
  4. iMessage & facetime
  5. Long software support.

Like I said earlier, iPhones can be a boring phone even though Widgy has made it to be customizable.

iPhone is a phone for simple users that doesn’t care much about customization, multitasking, or lot of features on their phones.

I have both the 14 pro max, and the s23 ultra, but I mostly use my iPhone for video recording, and photography as we. But for my daily phone usage, I find myself using my samsung phone a lot more.

I live in a place where users don’t or rarely use iMessage except for whatsapp, telegram, and facebook messenger.

So this makes it quite difficult using iMessage. Most people will call and text on whatsapp because people in my area use android phone a lot especially samsung phones.

Because of this, I don’t use iMessage at all except for few moments I receive chats from my family members and friends living in the US.

If you’re into social media, you will definitely prefer to use iPhone more than any other android phone due to the way apps are built for both OS. Ios seemed way better than android.

iPhone is a very strong and powerful device, but it gets lot better if you’re in the Apple ecosystem, or living in an environment that most people make use of apple device.

For me, I mostly use my iPhone for video, and at times for photography.

If you’re in the Apple ecosystem, then you it won’t make sense switching to samsung due to the fact that you can’t use apple watch on samsung, or in terms of transferring files and data.

Is it good idea to move from iPhone to Samsung?

It is a good idea if you love samsung phone features more than iPhone features.

I don’t see any big deal in this, just try both phones and see the one that fits you. I don’t even see the need why someone cannot try something new.

Like seriously you need to try something new, and not get stuck in a particular OS or phone for a long time.

You can decide to try samsung phones and see how it works along with the features, next you try Google pixel, Xiaomi, one plus, nothing phone, etc.

Then finally you can decide to go for the one that fits your smartphone need.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, should i switch from iphone to samsung.


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