How to silence calls on iphone without blocking

Not always we love to hear our phone ring aloud during an incoming call, many a time we prefer to put the phone on silent mode.

However, doing so will put the entire phone on silent mode and not for calls only. You may want to use the do not disturb feature but that will i turn block calls as long as you’re using an iPhone.

So if you’re looking for how to silence calls on iphone without blocking, I have explained all thar in this article.

I have the best and easy method especially if you’re new to iphone.

So let’s proceed to that.

How to silence calls on iphone without blocking

How to silence calls on iphone without blocking

To silence calls on iphone without blocking, you simply need to use the silent ringtone on your iPhone and it will silence incoming calls on your iPhone.

Now the next question will be what is silent ringtone and how can you get it on your iPhone?

Don’t worry as I will guide you through on how to download and use silent ringtone on your iPhone.

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Understanding silent ringtone

A silent ringtone is a type of ringtone that doesn’t bring out sound just like the normal ringtone.

One can say that a silent ringtone is a ringtone that produces no audible sound when a phone call or text message is received.

Instead of playing a sound, the phone vibrates to alert the user of an incoming call or message.

This can be useful in situations where the user wants to receive notifications without causing any disturbance, such as in a quiet meeting or in a movie theater.

Silent ringtones can be created by setting a ringtone to a soundless audio file or by adjusting the phone’s settings to mute all sounds except for vibration.

Now you have understood what a silent ringtone is all about and what it means, let me show you how you can use it on your iPhone.

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How to use silent ringtone on iphone to silence calls

Get started by opening the settings app on your iPhone.

Next is to tap on Sound & Haptics to open the option.

How to silence calls on iphone without blocking

Look below where it says Sound And Haptics patterns, Tap on Ringtone. 

On the next, you will see Store and below it is a click-able link that says Tone Store and Download all purchased Tones as shown below.

How to silence calls on iphone without blocking

Since you haven’t downloaded the silent ringtone on your iPhone, all you have to do is to tap on the option that says Tone Store. 

It will take you straight to iTunes store which should looking something similar to below picture. 

ITunes store

Look below your screen, you will see different options which includes a search button or icon.

Silent ringtone

Now tap on the search icon and enter Silent ringtone. 

Wait for it to load and now you should go ahead and select any of the available silent ringtone.

Remember, they are not free as you will have to pay but it’s just a token.

You can tap and select the first option shown to you or select any of your preferred option right there.

How to silence calls on iphone without blocking

Next is to make a payment by tapping on the price option and downloading the silent ringtone as well.

After that, go back to ringtone and this time you will see Download All Purchased Tones option on your screen.

Tap on the option and it will check you purchased tones and download it right away.

What follows next is the silent ringtone will be shown or displayed in your ringtone list.

Silent ringtone

What is left for you is to tap and select it as your default ringtone.

How to silence calls on iphone without blocking

Once you have done, you have silences ringtone on your iPhone and if anyone happens to call or you receiving an incoming call ve it cellular or facetime call, the call will be silenced.

Remember, this is only for calls.

Text messages, notifications, etc will alert you except for calls.

So this is how to silence calls on iphone without blocking, by using the silent ringtone.

Silence calls on iphone for a certain contact

Another question being asked when it comes to silencing a call on iphone is the fact that can you silence certain calls on iPhone.

The answer is yes. You can silence certain calls on iPhone by simply using the silent ringtone and setting it for the certain calls or contacts.

Now if you want to silence call for a certain contacts or a particular contact on your iPhone, then you have to select the silent ringtone for the contact.

Let me show you how to go about it.

How to silence calls on iPhone from one person;

Get started by opening the Contact App on your iPhone.

silence calls on iphone

Scrol down to the contact that you want to silence on your iPhone and tap to open.

Look at the top right corner of your screen and you will see Edit.

Tap on the edit button and where it says Ringtone Default, tap on it to open. 

How to silence calls on iphone without blocking

It will take you to the ringtone option now go ahead and select the Silent Ringtone.

After that, whenever the contact called your number be it cellular call, facetime, whatsapp, viber, or any other instant call, the call won’t ring aloud as it will be silenced.

So whenever you’re talking about how to silence calls on iphone without blocking, this is the best method to use.

Please don’t use the silent button as it will silence the entire phone will includes notifications and messages.

Again, don’t use do not disturb mode as it will block calls instead of silencing the calls.

At the end of the day, you have the silent ringtone to do the job for you and it doesn’t cost to get such on your iPhone.

Remember, to silence calls on iPhone from one person, simply open the contact and edit it, set the ringtone for the contact to a silent ringtone.

Does Silent Mode ignore calls?

Silent mode don’t ignore calls but rather it silence calls which stops it from ringing aloud.

What ignore calls is DND.

Remember to turn off silent ringtone

This is very essential as you may forget yourself and leave your phone having the silent ringtone throughout the entire day.

Once you’re done and ready to receiving incoming calls alerts, kindly set your ringtone back to your preferred ringtone.

Having a silent ringtone will likely make you miss a lot of your incoming calls unless you have your phone with you and always looking at the screen.

Benefits of using the silent ringtone on iphone

Silent ringtones, also known as “mute” or “vibrate” mode, have become increasingly popular in recent years.

These types of ringtones are designed to silence your phone’s ringer, but still allow you to receive notifications through vibrations or other types of alerts.

Here are some benefits of using a silent ringtone:

  1. Reduces Distractions: One of the main benefits of a silent ringtone is that it helps reduce distractions in public settings. For example, if you’re in a meeting or a lecture, having your phone ring loudly can be disruptive to those around you. With a silent ringtone, you can still receive calls and messages without causing a disturbance.
  2. Increases Privacy: Another advantage of using a silent ringtone is that it increases your privacy. If your phone rings loudly in a public place, anyone within earshot can potentially hear who is calling or texting you. With a silent ringtone, you can maintain a level of privacy and keep your calls and messages discreet.
  3. Saves Battery Life: By using a silent ringtone, you can save your phone’s battery life. The constant vibration of your phone’s ringer can drain your battery quickly. By switching to a silent ringtone, you can reduce the amount of battery your phone uses.
  4. Improves Sleep: Lastly, using a silent ringtone can help improve your sleep. If you keep your phone by your bed at night, the sound of incoming calls and messages can disrupt your sleep. With a silent ringtone, you can still receive notifications without being disturbed by loud noises.

Overall, using a silent ringtone can provide numerous benefits, including reduced distractions, increased privacy, saved battery life, and improved sleep. It’s an easy and convenient way to stay connected without disrupting your surroundings.

And this is where I come to the conclusion in today’s question of the day, how to silence calls on iphone without blocking.


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