How to reset airtag without apple ID (Explained)

So you happen to find a nearby apple airtag, and looking for a way to reset airtag without apple ID.

Well the question will be how possible will it be to reset an airtag without the Apple ID.

The Apple airtag work similar to iPhone, iPad and Mac. They work with an apple ID, and the question you need to ask yourself is that “can you reset an iPhone without an apple ID and password“.

Same goes to apple airtag.

Right here, I will explain the way to reset the Apple airtag and whether if there’s a possible means or a way to reset airtag without apple ID.

Let’s proceed.

reset airtag without apple ID

How to reset airtag without apple ID

You can reset an airtag but it won’t remove the Apple ID. Resetting the Apple airtag doesn’t need to be done using the Apple ID.

So below is how to reset airtag without apple ID;

  1. Press down on the polished stainless steel battery cover of your AirTag.
  2. Rotate the AirTag counterclockwise until the cover stops rotating
  3. Remove the AirTag cover and the battery as well.
  4. Replace the battery or put the battery back into the AirTag.
  5. Press down on the battery until you hear a beep sound. The beep sound means that the AirTag battery is connected.
  6. When the sound finishes, you have to repeat this process for a good four times, so go ahead and remove and replacing the battery, then press down on the battery until you hear a sound. You should hear a sound each time you press on the battery, for a total of five sounds. The fifth sound is different from the previous four. This indicates that the AirTag is now ready to pair.

Next is for you to pair the AirTag to your phone.

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Now looking at the question we have here, how to reset airtag without apple ID, it simply means that you want to remove the Apple ID linked to the AirTag, and pair it to your phone.

I’m sorry, that is not possible.

It is not possible if you’re not the owner of the AirTag apple AirTag.

For you to pair an airtag to your phone, you must first remove the AirTag from previous owner phone or device.

Please bear in mind that the purpose of resetting an airtag is to help refresh the AirTag incase the new user is finding it difficult pairing or connecting the AirTag to his phone.

So if you happen to see an airtag next to you and wants to use it, I’m sorry you cannot because apple airtags are linked to an apple ID.

As long as the AirTag is not removed from the previous owner phone, it will be complete worthless to you. So all you have to do is to help return the AirTag back to the owner or just leave it the way you found it.

So you don’t need to bother trying to see a way to reset airtag without apple ID and to remove the Apple ID linked to the AirTag because such won’t happen, even if you replace the AirTag battery.

And once again, you don’t need an apple ID to replace an airtag. You simply need to remove and put back the battery up to five times to reset the Apple airtag.

Once again, that will not remove the Apple ID linked to the AirTag.

This is just the way apple built the AirTag.

Apple airtags are relatively cheap and you can get one for yourself from here

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How do I remove an AirTag from someone else’s Apple ID?

You simply have to get hold of the person’s phone and remove the AirTag from the previous owner phone.

Apple airtag are associated with apple ID.

If a user has an iPhone, iPad, Mac and the Apple watch, and which the user paired or connected the AirTag to his phone. The AirTag will show up in the person’s iPhone, ipad, Mac and the Apple watch as long as they share the same apple ID.

Now when you talk about how to remove an AirTag from someone else’s Apple ID, you simply have to get hold of any of the person’s apple device, probably the person’s iPhone.

There’s no possible way or method to remove an airtag from someone’s else apple ID unless you have the person’s phone, and which you can easily remove the AirTag from the person’s phone.

BTW, Below is how to remove airtag from a phone or apple ID;

  1. Open Find My app and navigate to Items.
  2. Right there you will see the AirTag, tap on the AirTag.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and you will see where it say Remove, go ahead and tap on it.
  4. Once you have that, confirm that you want to remove the AirTag from the phone/apple ID.
  5. And that’s it.

reset airtag without apple ID

You can now pair the AirTag to your phone.

If you’re finding it quite difficult pairing the AirTag to your phone, simply reset the AirTag using the method I mentioned at the top of this post, and this time the AirTag will pair to your phone.

Understanding the AirTag

Imagine you’re always losing your keys, wallet, or even your beloved pet. Well, AirTag is here to save the day!

The device it’s like a tiny, sleek disc that you can attach to almost anything you don’t want to lose and I love using it when traveling. And let me tell you, these little things are game-changers.

First off, setting up an AirTag is simply way to easy.

Just bring it close to your iPhone, and boom! It pairs up like magic. You can select any names provided for you, or maybe give it a catchy name like “Keys” or “Fluffy,” so you know what it’s tracking.

Now, here’s the real fun part. If you ever misplace your stuff, just whip out your iPhone and open the “Find My” app. You’ll see a little map with a dot right where your lost item should be.

Airtag location

So no more tearing your hair out searching for stuff that likes to play hide-and-seek.

If your lost item is hiding under a pile of clothes or chilling in your couch cushions, the AirTag comes to the rescue as long as you use the Find Nearby option to track your item

Find nearby

Now, some folks were a bit worried about their privacy using the AirTag, but I I tell you that Apple has your back on that too.

AirTag has built-in safety features. If someone else plants an AirTag on you, your iPhone will warn you about the sneaky tracker unless you don’t have an iphone. So, you can go about your business without any surprises.

In a nutshell, AirTag is like having a trusty sidekick to keep track of your essentials. It’s small, smart, and simple to use – perfect for forgetful folks like me and you! So, say goodbye to the days of lost keys and misplaced items. AirTag is here to save our sanity.

And with this, I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, how to reset airtag without apple ID.


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