Renewed iphone meaning (All explained)

You’re trying to buy an iphone online and what you saw is renewed. Well, this is very common especially on Amazon.

So in this article we’ll be looking at the question we have here, renewed iphone meaning.

On Amazon, you will see renewed and renewed premium. All that I will explain in this article as this can be quite confusing for the newbies.

renewed iphone meaning

Lets jump in.

Renewed iphone meaning

Renewed iphone means the phone has been repaired or parts replaced by the manufacturer or seller, and not a brand new phone. 

On the other hand, renewed iPhone simply means refurbished iphone. Both renewed and refurbished are of the same meaning and no difference between the two.

The truth is that most time what is being used is refurbished, but on Amazon they usually use the term renewed.

So whenever you see renewed iphone, kindly know that it is refurbished iphone. There’s no difference between refurbished iphone and renewed iphone, they two terms are the same.

On Amazon, you will see renewed, and renewed premium. Later I will explain what renewed premium means on Amazon.

Talking about renewed iphone meaning, I will use Amazon to explain more of this topic as the term is very popular on Amazon gadgets and electronics.

What is Renewed phone in Amazon

Renewed phone on Amazon simply means a preowned or returned phone, but deemed to be working perfectly fine.

It some cases it can be an open box phone which will probably make the phone look like a brand new.

The truth is that when you hear renewed on Amazon is most likely to be a refurbished phone.

If you go to Amazon, you will see several renewed phones, ranging from iPhones, Samsung, and other android phones. Aside from phones, you will see renewed tablets or ipads, camera, printers, and other electronics.

Though it is quite popular on phones especially on iPhones and Samsung phones.

So when you see where it says renewed for a phone you want to buy on Amazon, it simply means the phone was returned by previous owner due to a reason.

Mostly, if a phone is faulty or some other issue.

Now the manufacturer or the seller must have repaired the phone before showcasing the phone on Amazon.

Such phone will be advertise as a renewed phone because it is not a brand new phone, and has been repaired or parts replaced by the manufacturer or seller.

Aside from Amazon, this type of phone is sold on apple store or apple website, but they call it a refurbished product.

renewed iphone meaning

Is it good to buy a renewed iPhone?

Yes it is good to buy a renewed iphone as they have been inspected, checked and working before they are put out for sale.

In the case of renewed iPhone sold on Amazon, all the phones will be checked, properly or thoroughly inspected before they are out out for sale on Amazon.

You don’t have to worry about buying a refurbished iphone or a renewed phone because most times they are good and working properly.

For example, I’ve bought both an iphone and a samsung renewed phone from amazon, and they are still working perfectly fine.

The Samsung phone is now three years, while the iphone is two and half year.

They are working perfectly fine and so far I don’t have any issue whatsoever with the two phones. Like seriously I recommend people around me to buy a flagship renewed phone compared to midrange phone.

For example, a renewed samsung galaxy s22 will be around $350 to $400, same price you will buy the Samsung Galaxy A54.

Because it is a renewed phone, the price will be relatively low compared to a brand new phone. But from what I’ve seen so far buying renewed phone especially the renewed premium from Amazon, they usually look brand new.

Sometimes you may get confused thinking that you bought a brand new phone, while in the real sense it is a refurbished or renewed phone.

So for me, it is good to buy a refurbished or renewed phone at a relatively cheap price if you don’t have the fund to buy a brand new phone.

Are renewed phones brand new?

No, renewed phones are not brand new but rather refurbished phones.

It can be quite confusing when you buy a renewed phone and it happens to look mint like a brand new phone, it is because most times their parts are replaced.

It can be the screen or the body(cover).

However, it some cases especially if you buy directly from apple store or website, the phones are brand new and not used for long period of time.

For example, someone might buy an iphone 15, use the phone for 7 hours and noticed a fault. If the person returned the iphone 15, it will be repaired and sold as a refurbished or renewed iphone 15.

The phone cannot be sold as a brand new phone because someone has already opened and use the phone for a certain amount of time. Because of this, it is already a used phone.

So if apple fix the problem, it will be sold as a renewed phone and in this type of situation, the phone will look like a brand new phone.

I mostly trust refurbished or renewed iphones on apple website compared to Amazon store.

Most refurbished phones sold directly by apple always look brand new compared to the ones sold on Amazon.

Is it a good idea to buy renewed phones from Amazon?

It’s not a bad idea to buy renewed phones from amazon because the phones are tested to be working before they are put out for sale.

However, if you’re afraid of the Amazon renewed phones, then I recommend you to go for the Renewed Premium.

The renewed premium simply means that you have a warranty for return the phone for six or one year of you find a fault on the device.

Again, Amazon renewed premium devices are given a thorough inspection before they are out for sale. So if you’re not comfortable with Amazon renewed phones or devices, then you can go for renewed premium as you have a warranty for the device.

Is Amazon renewed the same as refurbished? Yes, Amazon renewed is the same as refurbished. There’s no difference between refurbished and renewed.

And with this I come to the conclusion of today’s question, renewed iphone meaning, and if it is a good idea to buy a renewed phone from amazon.


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