No caller id keeps calling me and not speaking? Here’s why

When you have the problem of a no caller id keeps calling me and not speaking, you may think that the person is indeed a spammed or probably a hacker, but that may not be the case.

No caller id keeps calling me and not speaking happens sometimes but such shouldn’t freak you out or make you to get scared. Now I will explain some of the reasons why you’re receiving a no caller id calls that doesn’t speak.

no caller id keeps calling me and not speaking

No caller id keeps calling me and not speaking: here’s the reason

  • The call is a telemarketing call
  • The call is a Robocall
  • Technical issues
  • Harassment

These are the main reason for such a no a caller id call that doesn’t speak out.

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Now I will explain them one after the other.

1. The call is a telemarketing call

When you talk about a no caller id call that doesn’t speak, it is likely to be a telemarketing call.

What this does is to get a listll of active phone numbers, store the numbers in their database, and sell it off to telemarketers or advertisers.

Majorly the reason for no caller id keeps calling me and not speaking is because the calls are from telemarketers.

There’s no way inactive phone numbers will be sold for telemarketing, that is not possible and a big loss to the advertisers, so what they usually do is to use a computer to program an automated call.

This type of call don’t display the user ID or the caller id as it mostly show no caller id.

Once you receive and answer such call, it sends a signal that your phone number is very active, and as such will be added to their database.

Henceforth, your number will be added to telemarketing or mobile advertisers.

2. The call is a robocall

Another reason for no caller id keeps calling me and not speaking is due to the call being a robocall.

Now you may ask what is a Robocall? 

Robocalls are automated telephone calls made by computerized systems. These calls are usually pre-recorded messages that are delivered to a large number of people at once in a given time.

The purpose of robocalls varies from telemarketing to political campaigns to fraud and scams.

However, fraud and scams comes into play if the caller showed a fake caller id.

Robocalls have become a major problem for people all over the world. They are a nuisance and can be disruptive to daily life. Many people receive multiple robocalls each day, and the frequency of these calls can be overwhelming.

Robocalls are typically made using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which enables the caller to make thousands of calls simultaneously from a single location. This makes it easy for scammers to reach a large number of potential victims quickly and cheaply.

One of the most common types of robocalls is telemarketing calls. Companies use robocalls to promote their products and services to potential customers. While some of these calls may be legitimate, many of them are scams that aim to defraud people out of their money.

Another type of robocall is political campaign calls.

These calls are used to promote a political candidate or party, or to encourage people to vote in an upcoming election. Political robocalls are often exempt from the national Do Not Call Registry, which means that even people who have signed up to avoid telemarketing calls may still receive these types of calls.

Robocalls are also used by scammers to defraud people. Common scams include fake IRS calls, lottery scams, and tech support scams. These scammers often use fear tactics to intimidate people into giving up their personal information or money.

Because of this, it is recommended not to provide any personal information or details to a caller that you don’t know.

I recommend you not to speak to a no caller id caller except if you recognized the caller.

Sometimes thir type of call will try to tap your voice, so it is better not to speak unless you recognized the no id caller.

3. Technical issues

Technical issues can cause such no caller id call that didn’t speak out or say anything. Sometimes, technical glitches in the phone network can result in calls being received without caller ID, or the caller may experience problems with their microphone or headset.

However, it is quite rare to see technical issue causing this type of problem.

4. Harassment

Unfortunately, some people may make calls to harass or intimidate others. In such cases, they may withhold their caller ID and remain silent on the phone.

If you keep getting no caller id keeps calling me and not speaking, maybe the person is simply harassing you and not calls from telemarketers.

Telemarketing no caller id call will only call once or twice, and never call back again.

But if you keep on receiving a no caller id calls that doesn’t speak on several occasions or multiple times per day, it is not a telemarketing call. It may be a robocalls from scammers or someone trying to harass you or make you to get you scared.

Do spammers call from no caller ID?

Sometimes spammers do call with a no caller id to spam people. But many times they usually try to show their fake caller id to make the call look genuine.

From what I have observed, spammers mostly don’t call with a no caller ID because it will make the call look very suspicious.

They usually call showing their caller id but it is actually a fake caller id. This is the reason whenever you receive such calls from unknown numbers on your phone, you have to be very cautious of what you say, especially when it comes to personal information.

Blocking no caller id calls on iphone

If you don’t want to receive no caller id calls or unknown calls on your iPhone, it is very much easy to do.

But bear in mind that you may receive a genuine call and such call will be blocked on your iPhone. So when thinking of blocking no caller id calls or spam calls on your iPhone, have in mind that you may block calls from real people.

Now let me show you how to block no caller id calls and spam calls on your iPhone.

Get started by opening the Settings App on your iPhone.

Scroll down to Phone and open it.

no caller id keeps calling me and not speaking

Scroll down to where it says Silence Unknown Callers as shown below.

no caller id keeps calling me and not speaking

Tap on Silence Unknown Callers to open, and next is to turn on the button. Once you have done that, you will no longer receive calls from unknown callers, spammers and no caller id calls.

What will happen is that if you such people dial your number, they will be redirected straight to voicemail if you have one in your phone.

If you don’t have any active voicemail on your phone, such calls will be cut off right away.

So asking dow do I get a no caller ID number to stop calling me? It is by enabling the silence unknown number feature on your phone.

Once you have done that, you’re good to go.

How do I turn on caller ID for incoming calls?

Kindly note that you cannot turn on caller id for incoming call except for outgoing call.

Incoming calls are calls initiated by a caller, so because of the, you can’t turn on caller id calls for incoming calls except for the caller itself.

What you can do is to turn on outgoing caller ID on your phone, and by default it is enabled. And with this I come to the conclusion for today’s question of the day, no caller id keeps calling me and not speaking. 


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