No caller id calls and hangs up: Here’s why

What can be more annoying when a no caller id calls and hangs up making you to get a lot confused about the call.

Well you’re not alone in this type of situation as it is very common.

First, it is quite confusing when someone receives a no caller ID call, then for the person to call and hang up right away is a lot more confusing and same time annoying as you cannot call back the person.

Right here I will explain some of the reasons as to why a no caller id hangs up when i answer.

Let’s continue.

no caller id calls and hangs up

No caller id calls and hangs up

This is usually a machine generated call, targeted by telemarketers to store users active phone numbers in their database for advertising purpose. 

Many a time we get scared and worried when we receive a no caller id calls, but sometimes the calls are not from scammers but rather from telemarketers trying to get tons of phone numbers for advertisers.

There’s a difference between a spam call and a no caller ID call especially if the no caller id calling and hanging up once you answer the call.

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From my observation, these callers are telemarketers and not scammers.

When talking about scammers, they will mostly not hang up but try to get some information from you or try to make you speak.

But a typical example of when a no caller id calls and hangs up is usually done by telemarketers trying to get active phone numbers for companies or for advertisers.

In most cases they the machines are programmed in such a way that it will wait for the person to answer the call, and once the person answers the call indicating a fully active phone number, the call will end right away.

So if you’re trying to understand why you always get a no caller id hangs up when i answer, it is a telemarketing call trying to know if your phone number is active and selling the number to advertisers for their businesses.

On the other hand, is a no caller id calls and hangs up a spam call? Yes it is a spam call but necessarily from scammers because they didn’t display a phone number or allowed you to speak.

You’ve got to noticed that once you tap on the answer button, the call ends right away.

In some cases, the call will end before you try to answer the call.

All they are doing is to verify an active phone number and that’s all. Once the machine automatically call your phone number and the call goes through, it indicates that the said phone number is very much active.

What happens next is your phone number will be added to their database as an active phone number which will be sold to advertisers that are looking to advertise their business or company through text messages.

Kindly note that once we telemarketer get a ton of phone numbers, it is left for the person to sell off those active phone numbers. So this is a kind of business for telemarketers.

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Should I be worried about no caller ID calls?

You shouldn’t be worried at all because no caller id calls are not necessarily from scammers or demeed to be dangerous.

What matters most is for you not to say a word if you happen to answer a no caller ID call.

Try to see if you will recognize the voice of the caller, but don’t say YES in anything they say.

I’ve received a no caller ID call from a company that didn’t want to show their phone number, but the call was genuine. Where I get sceptical is when the call shows a number that look like a fake number or probably a spam call.

I don’t answer such call or call back.

In the case of no caller id calls and hangs up, should you be worried? I say no. You shouldn’t be worried because you didn’t answer the call or speak to the caller.

But what will be very annoying is when you start to receive multiple sms text messages from telemarketers or 3rd parties networks.

When you should be worried

Talking about no caller id calls and hangs up, you should get worried if you receive this type of calls multiple time on the same day especially if they will wait for you to answer the call.

From what I have observed, as long as you didn’t respond to such calls or try to speak with the caller, then you shouldn’t worry at all.

Like I said, if you receive and answer a call from an unknown caller or no caller id, don’t say YES or answer whatever question they throw at you.

You have to be very cautious and if you didn’t understand who the person is or the purpose of the call, end the call immediately.

If you received a no caller ID calls late at night, please don’t pick the call. Once it is late at night I recommend you not to answer such calls be it 12 am or 3am.

Understanding no caller id calls

no caller id calling and hanging up

No Caller ID is a phone feature that allows a person to make a call without revealing their phone number to the recipient.

When the call comes in, the phone screen displays “No Caller ID” or “Blocked” instead of the caller’s name or phone number.

The purpose of No Caller ID is to protect the privacy of the caller. It is often used by people who do not want their phone number to be revealed for various reasons.

For instance, some individuals may wish to make anonymous calls to a business or organization to avoid being added to marketing or sales lists. Others may use it to avoid unwanted or harassing calls from unknown numbers.

However, No Caller ID can also be used maliciously, such as by scammers or pranksters. In these cases, the caller may use No Caller ID to hide their identity and carry out fraudulent activities, such as phishing scams or threatening phone calls.

There are several ways to make a No Caller ID call.

One way is to enable the feature on the phone’s settings.

Most smartphones and landline phones have this option, which allows the caller to block their caller ID for all outgoing calls. Another way is to dial a specific code before making the call.

The code varies depending on the country or phone carrier, but it usually involves adding a prefix or suffix to the phone number.

No Caller ID calls can be frustrating for the recipient, especially if they receive them frequently. In some cases, the recipient may ignore or decline the call, assuming it is from a telemarketer or a spam caller.

However, it is important to note that not all No Caller ID calls are malicious or unwanted. Some legitimate calls may also use this feature, such as emergency services or confidential hotlines.

To avoid unwanted or fraudulent calls, it is advisable to take some precautions, such as blocking the numbers that repeatedly call with No Caller ID.

Most smartphones have a feature that allows the user to block specific phone numbers or callers. Additionally, individuals can report suspicious or threatening calls to their phone carrier or local authorities.

No Caller ID is a phone feature that enables a person to make a call without revealing their phone number to the recipient.

While it can be used to protect privacy, it can also be used maliciously by scammers or pranksters. It is important to be cautious when receiving No Caller ID calls and take necessary precautions to avoid unwanted or fraudulent calls.

So if you keep getting private number keeps calling and hanging up, it is mostly done by telemarketers with an automated machine trying to get active phone numbers of people for advertisers. And this is where I come to the conclusion in today’s topic, no caller id calls and hangs up.


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