How to make videos louder while on facetime on iphone

By default, as long as you’re on a facetime call, it will automatically lower the sound from the video that you’re watching.

As an iphone user, you may be pissed off especially if you still want to continue listening to the video and same time be on facetime call.

This brings about the question of the day, and which is how to make videos louder while on facetime on iphone.

So right here I will explain to you how you can easily make videos to be much louder whilst being on a facetime call.

So let’s continue.

How to make videos louder while on facetime iphone

To make videos louder while on facetime on iPhone, you simply need to use a headphone. 

By using a headphone, it will make videos to be louder while on facetime call on your iPhone.

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Now let me show you how to go about it.


If you’re watching a video on your iPhone be it offline video, YouTube, Netflix, etc and you receive an incoming facetime call, pause the video and answer the FaceTime call.

Now minimize the FaceTime call and be it audio or video facetime call.

Go to SETTINGS APP on your iPhone and open it.

Settings app

On the next screen you will be presented with lot’s of options, kindly tap on the Bluetooth option to open it.

how to make videos louder while on facetime iphone

Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on and connect your headphone or ipod to your iPhone.

Once the two has connected, open the video and start playing it while on facetime.

Now you will see that this time, sound from the video is no longer low but rather very loud just like the FaceTime volume.

Please make sure to use the volume rocker or button to increase the volume of the video.

Lastly, please make sure that you set your facetime audio settings to Wide Spectrum as it helps to bring out the sound from the video while on facetime call.

Wide Spectrum

So when talking about how to make videos louder while on facetime on iphone, kindly use a headphone and it will make the video louder while on a facetime call on your iPhone.

I tested this before making this post, and I used a headphone probably an Anker headphone.

But I’m sure airpods will work also or any other headphone.

Without using a headphone or earphone, the video sound will be too low and you will barely hear what the speakers are saying even when facetime audio is set to wide Spectrum.

So when watching a movie, use a headphone if you want to make or receive a facetime call while watching videos on your iPhone.

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There’s another method but this requires you to share the video with the other person on FaceTime.


Let’s say you’re playing a song on your iPhone and received a facetime call or make a facetime call and which you still want to listen to music while on facetime

As you’re on a FaceTime call, tap on your screen to open the FaceTime option menu, and right there you will see the shareplay icon as shown below.

how to make videos louder while on facetime iphone

Tap on the shareplay icon and select apple music.

Tap on the Apple music icon and it will open the music app. Select the song you want to play and hit on the play button.

Once the song starts to play, on the person’s side or facetime, the person will see the option to join shareplay. 

Now it is left for the other person to accept the request and tap on open button as shown below.


Once the other person tap on the open button, he or she can listen to the song.

Kindly note that the person must have an apple music account with an active subscription.

If there’s no active subscription, the person will be liable to listen to the song only once, others songs you played will not available to the person until he or she subscribe to Apple music.

This is also the same if you’re watching a movie on Netflix, YouTube or any other videos on your iPhone.

Once you hit on the shareplay button and share with the other person on FaceTime, the sound from the video or video becomes louder.

But if you don’t fancy sharing your video or music with the other person on FaceTime call, then you have to use the first method as it is the best solution for the question of how to make videos louder while on facetime iphone.

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How to stop facetime from lowering volume on iphone

To stop facetime from lowering volume on iphone, you need to use a headphone or airpods.

Kindly note that facetime are programmed to lower volume of other apps once you’re on a facetime call.

However, the only solution you have is to switch over to a headphone during a facetime call while listening to a music on your iPhone.

Make sure to use the volume rocker to increase the volume.

If you don’t a headphone or an airpods, I’m sorry there’s nothing you can do about it.

Why does my facetime volume get so loud?

FaceTime volume gets so loud because it is programmed to be loud, but you can use the volume key to lower the FaceTime volume.

It gets worse if you’re listening to a music or watching videos on your device.

You won’t be able to hear sound from the video clearly or the music as long as you are on a facetime call.

Like I said before, facetime are programmed to be loud and overshadow sound from other apps as long as it is active.

However, with the help of a headphone or earphone, you will fix the problem.

I’m saying this based on my experience by using the Anker headphone though any other headphone or earphone will do the job as well.

And with this, I come to the conclusion of today’s topic how to make videos louder while on facetime iphone.


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