Is iMessage free internationally? Explained

Is iMessage free internationally or probably not especially when using cellular data.

This is one of the question being asked when it comes to sending messages across, and that which has been answered in this article.

On iPhone, iMessage is one of the best means of sending messages and which involves sending messages, photos, videos, documents and other files with a maximum of 100mb as at the time of writing this post.

As we have the sms text message and the iMessage, many iPhone users do always prefer to use iMessage compared to sms text or even the likes of whatsapp, Skype, signal, viber, etc.

Now what if you have a friend or family outside the country, will iMessage work for such a long distance?

If yes will it cost a lot to send messages abroad by using iMessage.

This brings about the question of the day.

is iMessage free internationally

is iMessage free internationally?

The straight answer is yes. iMessage is free internationally and more especially if you’re using a Wi-Fi network to send messages abroad.

I noticed that some users are quite skeptical when using iMessage abroad or sending messages to someone living abroad using iMessage.

There’s nothing to be skeptical about or fear that you will be charged by your network service provider.

iMessage is an instant messaging service that uses VoIP just like Google rcs chat message, whatsapp, viber, messenger and others.

As long as you are using any of these instant messaging to send messages from home or abroad, you will never be charged by your network service provider.

This tells you that iMessage is free internationally on all networks.

So if you’re the type that travel a lot or have a family or friend living in abroad, just go ahead and send iMessages to the person and you will never get charged for sending the messages across.

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Where you will encounter a problem

iMessage is very common in the United States and the most used means of sending messages from one user to another.

However, the case is quite different when you go to other countries especially in a place where android dominate. You may be sending iMessages back home, but in your new environment, it may not be so easy to find someone using using iMessage.

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Outside the United States, the likes of whatsapp, Messenger, Viber, etc dominate so much compared to the very few that uses iMessages.

For example.

When I was in Manchester few years back I found out that almost everyone around me has whatsapp installed on their phones. Not only that, they use whatsapp a lot compared to iMessage.

So this is the problem you may encounter, people around you using other instant messaging apps and services other than iMessage.

Is iMessage free internationally with data?

Using data to send iMessage internationally is free and will not incurred additional fee by your service network provider.

iMessage has two means of sending messages and which is by using Wi-Fi or a cellular data.

Using Wi-Fi is simply the best especially when sending files across compared to using cellular data. If you don’t have an available Wi-Fi around you, then you have the option to use a cellular data by subscribing to a data plan.

For example.

You want to send iMessage to someone abroad and who is using cellular data, and you’re thinking you will be charged or the other person will be charged.

That will not happen.

Because as long as iMessage is involved, there’s no charges from your network service provider.

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How to iMessage international numbers

To iMessage internationally, you simply need to get the recipient phone number or Apple ID and send messages to the any of them.

Please note that there’s no difference between sending iMessages to someone within the country or living abroad as they are the same.

Now what you have to do is to get the recipient phone number, add or save the number in your iPhone or Apple device.

Open iMessage, locate the recipient’s number or contact in your iPhone and go ahead with the message. Nothing changed when sending a message to someone abroad using iMessage as it is the same when sending messages to someone within the country.

So all you have to do is to request and get the recipient phone number linked with iMessage or the Apple ID if applicable and you’re good to go sending iMessages to the person.

why can’t i imessage internationally?

This problem is causes when the recipient is not using an iMessage or iMessage is not active on the recipient phone.

For you to be able to send iMessages to someone abroad, kindly make sure that the recipient’s phone number is activated with iMessage.

As long as the recipient’s phone number is activated with iMessage you shouldn’t have a problem sending iMessages internationally unless the problem is from your side.

Now what you have to do is to try and send iMessages to other contacts in your phone and see if the messages will get delivered.

If they do get delivered, then the fault is not from your side but rather from the recipient’s side. But you should make sure that the recipient is also using an iMessage because iMessage works everywhere even in China as long as there is an active internet connection on the phone.

When the recipient doesn’t have an iMessage

When it comes to sending messages internationally especially right now that we have lots of instant messaging apps and services, you shouldn’t think of using sms text messaging.

SMS text messaging attracts high amount of fee when it comes to sending text messages abroad though it depends on the network carrier.

Outside the United States, the likes of whatsapp, Facebook messenger, viber, Skype, signal, is very popular especially whatsapp. All you have to do is to try to know which particular instant messaging apps the recipient uses and you should download and install it on your phone as well.

As long as you have an active Wi-Fi connection or maybe a cellular data plan, I don’t see the reason why you should be sending sms text messages internationally or even locally when we have the likes of iMessage, Google rcs chat message, whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, telegram, viber, Signal, even facetime calls, etc.

More related Questions

is imessage free internationally at&t?

iMessage is free internationally on AT&T network. Whether you’re using a Wi-Fi or probably a cellular data to send messages internationally using the iMessage, it is one hundred percent free on AT&T network.

is imessage free internationally verizon?

iMessage is free internationally on Verizon network as there’s no charges when using Verizon network to send iMessages abroad.

This sane applies to T-Mobile and for those trying to know if imessage free internationally on T-Mobile network.

Even if you’re on a cellular data plan, you won’t be charged using iMessage to send messages internationally.

However, if you choose to use sms text message to send messages internationally, that is when you will be charged by Verizon.

Again, if the recipient is not using an iMessage, I don’t recommend sending sms text messages because it attracts a high amount of charges from Verizon, I recommend you to use whatsapp or Facebook messenger as they are very much popular outside the United States.

is imessage free internationally without wiFi?

iMessage is free internationally without Wi-Fi if you’re using a cellular data.

The only fee you will pay is the fee to subscribe for a data plan if you don’t have a free Wi-Fi around you or your area. Apart from the cellular data plan fee, there’s no fee attached to using iMessage to send messages on your iPhone even if you’re using a cellular data. So iMessage is always free internationally.

And this is where I comes to the conclusion of this article, is iMessage free internationally. Kindly note that iMessage is free internationally, across countries or worldwide and this applies to China as at the time of writing this post.


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