How long do iphones last on average? Explained

When it comes to the best smartphone in the world today with the longest lifespan, there’s no doubt it is iPhone.

However, the question being asked is how long do iphones last on average?

On the contrary, iPhone do last for four years on average.

Remember we are talking about on the average as iPhones can go all the way to six years or even ten years though by then software will be way outdated.

When talking about a smartphone lifespan, iPhone beats any android phone hands down especially in terms of software. Right now the likes of Google pixel and Samsung phones will receive 4 years android os updates which is a good news i must admit.

But, what of the hardware?

Honestly, I noticed that the longer an android phone stays, the slower it will become though Samsung promised that the galaxy s22 ultra will still be fast even in the next four years to come.

Now let’s move forward to the topic we have here and I will explain all that matters when it comes to the average lifespan of an iphone.

How long do iphones last on average?

iPhones last up to four years on average as after four years they will start to get outdated in terms of new features.

Apple iPhones seem to be the same except for the camera and some other features. For example, there’s no much difference between the iPhone 11 pro max and the 13 pro max except for the camera features.

But on android phone especially on samsung phone, there’s a big difference between the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ultra and the Samsung galaxy s22 ultra.

If you buy an android phone today, be rest assured that it will be outdated within the next three years but you can’t say such on iPhones.

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Talking about how long do iphones last on average, there are certain features that matters a lot and they include the followings;

  • The hardware
  • The software
  • The battery

These are what matters in a smartphone especially if you planned to use your phone for a long period of time.

Now let me explain them one after the other.

1. The hardware

How long do iphones last on average

Talking about iPhone hardware, this includes the physical body of an iPhone like the screen, the glass cover, the sim card slot, the microphone, volume buttons, etc.

I won’t lie to you;

iPhone hardware is pretty much strong compared to most Android phones. I’m still using my old iPhone 6 irrespective of the fact that it is way outdated.

The truth is that the body of my iphone 6 is still very intact and no damage whatsoever.

Maybe it is because of how I used the phone.

Or probably the phone is a strong one.

Okay. I had an xs max which I sold last year and the phone is still a beast of a phone. There’s no damage on the phone except for the battery health which went down drastically after three years of usage though I had to change the battery to a new one.

In terms of hardware, iPhones can last up to 6 years without any issue on the hardware unless you’re a careless phone user.

This is more than six years i bought my iPhone 6 and I haven’t had any issue with the body, the volume buttons, sim card slot or the microphone as everything is still intact though the screen is looking a bit washed out and outdated in my eyes.

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2. The software

How long do iphones last on average

This is another major aspect that matters a lot if you’re planning to buy a new phone and be it android phone or the iPhone.

Software matters a lot.

How long do iphones last on average in terms of software? iPhones will last for a good six years as it will receive software updates for up to six years.

For example, a 2016 iPhone 7 received ios updates up to ios 15.6 though it is stated that it won’t receive ios 16.

If you do your calculations you will find out that iPhone 7 has received six years ios updates and which is not possible on android so far. 

For the fact that iPhones will support ios updates up to six years doesn’t necessarily mean it will still be working flawless, there are some features which will be lacking.

For example, you can’t compare the iPhone xr with iPhone 12 pro max as the 12 pro max is way faster thanks to Apple A14 Bionic and same goes to the iPhone 13 pro max with Apple Apple A15 Bionic.

Here’s the truth;

You can’t compare the camera features of a latest iPhone to an iPhone of four or five years. 

That is not possible.

For example, you can’t compare camera features and updates of iPhone 13 pro max or 12 pro max with the iPhone xs or even the xs max. Older iPhones will receive lesser software features compared to newer iPhones.

3. The battery health

Battery health is so important in iphones as the older the phone get, the more the battery health of the iPhone will reduce.

Mind you, this is applicable to any smartphone be it android phone or the iPhone.

Talking about how long do iphones last on average in terns of battery health? Iphone battery will last an average of two years.

Once it gets past two years and moving into the third year, you will find out that the battery health will be so annoying and you will be looking for a battery replacement.

Nevertheless, usage matters a lot cause I have seen a quite number of iPhone users still have a good battery health even after three years.

For the phone addict, that won’t be possible at all because within the next year of buying your iPhone the battery health will drop down to 80% and the battery health will get annoying.

For the newbies this is how to check your battery health but don’t go about monitoring it very often.

To check your battery health status, open the settings app and scroll down to battery and open it.

How long do iphones last on average

Open battery and right there you will see where it states Battery Health, go ahead and tap to open it. 

Now it will display your battery health percentage where it says maximum capacity.

How long do iphones last on average

Looking at the picture above you will see that my battery health is still at 100% and this is because I bought the phone five months ago and I’m using it with a lot of precaution based on the experience I had withy iphone xs max.

These are what matters most when talking about how long do iphones last on average.

Now let me go ahead to list and explain the lifespan of iPhones we are still using in 2022. Remember that the iPhone 7 and 7 plus will not receive ios 16 and this means they are already outdated and doesn’t worth to be listed in this article.

How long iphones will be supported

Normally iPhones are supported up to six years and which Apple will stop supporting the phone and also stop pushing software updates for the iPhone.

Beloe are list of iPhones and the years of support from Apple.

Iphone Name Years of support
iPhone 8So far in 2022, the iPhone 8 has just only 1 year of receiving software updates from Apple and whicg will end in 2023
iPhone 8 plus Just like the 8 version, the iPhone 8 plus
iphone xr The iPhone xr will still be able to receive the ios updates up to 2024 or even more
iPhone xs Just like the iPhone xr being released in 2018, the xs will still receive updates even in 2024 or 2025
iPhone xs max One of the best smartphone Apple has produced and still a beast of of phone in 2022. I'm pretty sure the xs max will still receive software updates till 2025
iPhone 11The lifespan of iPhone 11 will run until 2026 and that's when Apple will stop pushing software updates for the iPhone.
iPhone 11 pro Just the iPhone 11, the 11 pro will go all the way to 2026 in terms of receiving software updates.
iPhone 11 pro max The iPhone 11 pro max will receive software updates up to 2026
iPhone SE (2020)There's no doubt that the iPhone SE will receive a good six years software updates and which will end in 2026
iPhone 12 miniThe iPhone 12 mini will be supported until 2026 or even further to 2027.
iPhone 12 ProSame goes to iPhone 12 Pro which will receive support until 2026 or 2027.
iPhone 12 Pro MaxIf you're asking how long will the iPhone 12 Pro Max be supported? Kindly note that iPhone 12 Pro Max will be supported until 2027. However, Apple may disappoint and stop at 2026
iPhone 13 miniBeing a 2021 iphone, the iPhone 13 mini will receive software updates for a good six year.
iPhone 13The iPhone 13 will receive support or software updates until 2027
iPhone 13 ProThe iPhone 13 Pro will receive software updates until 2027 or probably 2028 being a super solid iPhone.
iPhone 13 Pro MaxThis is a beast of a phone and I'm quite sure that the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be supported until 2028.
iPhone SE (2022)The iPhone SE (2022) will be supported fora good six years and this simply means that it will stop receiving updates in 2027
iPhone xThe iPhone x will stop receiving software updates in 2024. It still has two more years to be supported by Apple.
iphone 12 The iPhone 12 will be supported by Apple until 2026 or 2027. But it can't go past thr year 2027.

Can an iphone last for 5 years?

The answer is a definite yes. iPhone can last for a good 5 years as the phone will still be supported by Apple and still receive software updates.

The only issue you will have is the battery health of your iPhone which by then will be extremely poor. Nevertheless, you can still replace your iPhone battery for a new one and still enjoy the phone.

In terms of hardware there’s won’t be an reason to complain as iPhone hardware are very strong and durable compared to any smartphone in the market today.

Can an iPhone last for 10 years?

iPhone can last for 10 years but then it will be very worthless except for calls and sms text messages.

Using an iPhone for more than six years or seven years will be a pain in the ass simply because by then there won’t be any software updates for the phone and it will be way outdated.

Apps will no longer be supported on the iPhone.

For example, latest instagram, zoom, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Skype, no longer support ios 12 and if you still have the iPhone 6, you can’t use these apps on your phone.

iMessage is way outdated on the iPhone 6 even though it still receive iMessages. But iMessage new features and facetime new features are lacking on the iPhone 6 though the hardware is still strong without any damage.

I’m using the phone for calls and sms text messages.

Do iPhones last forever?

The simple answer is no. iPhones won’t last forever as the battery health will be extremely poor and unusable.

Don’t expect your iPhone to last forever as no device or electronics will last forever. Once it gets past to six years your iPhone will no longer be useful even the network frequency will be very frustrating.

Bear in mind that nothing last forever.

How long does an iphone last before it needs to be replaced?

iPhone will last for a good six years before it needs a replacement.

After six years the phone will stop receiving updates or gets supports from Apple. Once a phone stop receiving updates from Apple, it can be quite frustrating as the phone will lack many features.

Again, apps will no longer support the outdated ios software version.

For example, whatsapp no longer support ios 11 and soon ios 12 will follow suite.

The battery health will be poor though you can make a replacement and get a new battery for your iPhone. The hardware will still be good based on how well you used your iPhone, if you’re a careful user, the hardware will still be intact without any fault and this includes the screen display.

How to know when it’s time for a new phone

Once a phone stop receiving software updates and the battery has worn out, it is time to get a new phone.

Nothing can be more painful if your phone won’t receive the upcoming or latest software updates. It simply means that your phone will be outdated and soon apps will no longer function on the phone.

For me, once my phone stop to receive software updates, I will simply get a new phone and use the other one as my second phone.

If it gets way outdated that latest apps versions no longer support the outdated os version, I will  sell it off or give it to someone.

Or simply use it for calls and text messages.

How to know when it’s time for a new phone is when your phone start having unnecessary issues which is very frustrating, you can do away with the phone and get a new one.

For example, when your phone gets too slow or hang a lot, the battery is too poor and you can’t seem to find a good battery replacement.

Lifespan of iPhone 13

The lifespan of iPhone 13 is six years and which will run from 2021 until 2027 though it can be extended to 2028.

This is also applied to the other iPhone 13 series though I’m quite sure that iPhone 13 pro max will go all the way to 2028 but then it will be a very old phone and no longer a beast.

Lastly before I go, how long do iphones last on average? iPhones last up to four years on average as after four years they will start to get outdated in terms of new features.


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