Do iphones last longer than android phones? Answered

Do iphones last longer than android phones?

This is one of the major questions being asked by phone users especially when planning to buy a new phone.

Having used both the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy Android phone since 2013, I will explain this article based on my experience using the two devices.

Do iphones last longer than android phones?

Do iphones last longer than android phones?

The straight answer is yes. iPhones tends to last longer than android phones in both the hardware and software.

For example, my old iPhone 6 is still holding up and the best part is that the phone doesn’t lag. But that can’t be said for my 2018 Samsung galaxy s9 plus that is getting slower and hanging few times.

The reason for this is because iPhones are well optimized and not bloated like android phones, and also android phones tends to get slower and slower as the ages compared to iPhones.

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Talking about do iphones last longer than android phones, here are the reasons why iPhones last longer than android phones.

1. The Software System

Do iphones last longer than android phones?

When it comes to how long a phone will last, the phone software matters a lot because once a phone software is outdated, the phone will be useless in terms of new features.

Talking about the software system, there’s no doubt that iPhones last longer than android phones simply because iPhones will receive software updates up to a good a six years whilst android is just a maximum of three to four years.

Previously, it was two to three years for Samsung and other android phones, but since this year, Samsung announced that their new phones released this year will receive four years software updates including the Android updates especially on their flagship phones.

This means that the new Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra will receive android updates until 2026 and so other Samsung phones released in 2022.

But still it can’t be compared to iPhones that receive updates for a good six years.

For example, the iPhone 7 received ios updates up to ios 15.6 though it was stated that it won’t receive the ios 16 update.

But an android phone release in 2015 is as good as dead.

When a phone gets outdated

When a phone gets outdated, the desire to use the phone gets too low because soon some new apps updates will no longer be available on the phone operating software.

For example, many ios apps no longer support my old iPhone 6 ios 12.6 and that includes the latest whatsapp updates.

As the phone gets outdated, the need to experience new features will increase.

Do iphones last longer than android phones in terms of operating software system, the answer is yes. Because iPhones receives a longer software updates which helps the phone to stay longer, usable and remain relevant.

1.1. iPhones are well optimized

You may be wondering why iPhones tends to be a lot faster than android phones, it is because they are well optimized and not bloated like the android devices especially android phones and tablets.

Because of the fact that iPhones are not bloated but rather well optimized, an older iPhone will still be faster after many years and usage.

However, that can’t be said of android phones.

On android, once a phone gets up to two to three years, the phone tends to become slow.

The older it gets the slower it becomes and which can be very frustrating.

Like I said, you can easily use the iPhone 6 to browse the internet or throw an task at it and it will run very fast, but my 2018 samsung galaxy s9 plus has become quite slow.

It is not possible to use the samsung galaxy s4 which was released in 2014 along with the iPhone 6 to make calls or browse the internet.

Since the release of samsung s8 series phones and tablets, Samsung has promised that their phone won’t lag or become slow after few years as it will be fast and receive updates up to a good four years.

So we’re watching samsung.

1.2. The Processor

The processor falls under the software category and there’s no doubt that iPhones do have a fast processor compared to android phones.

Now here’s the fact about processor and why it plays a huge important role on how long a phone will last.

On iPhone

On iPhone, like I said earlier, iPhones are well optimized that even an older ios chipset or processor will still be fast even after six years or more. For example, the iPhone 12 Pro Max runs on Apple A14 Bionic.

By 2026 we may have Apple A20 Bionic, but the fact here is that the 12 pro max Apple A14 Bionic will still be fast by 2026.

I’m saying this based on my experience with older iPhones models like the 6, 7 and the 8 plus. Irrespective of the fact that they are already old and has an old chipset, they phones are still fast and holding up. 

Though not as fast as the Apple A14 Bionic and Apple A15 Bionic chipset. 

On Android

On android phone the case is very different this is because there are different varieties of android phones along with different processors.

High end android phones will have the best and most powerful processor compared to low range and mid range android phones.

The higher the processor is, the longer the phone will last for you simply because low end processor tends to worn out or get slow with new updates.

New apps updates will further make the phone to become very slow with time. For example, if opening of Facebook app or whatsapp takes a while to load on your phone. This is because the processor is no longer capable of running on these app updates.

2. The hardware

Do iphones last longer than android phones?

Talking about the hardware, I will sill say iPhones beats android phones to a hands down for this category.

iPhones usually have a strong hardware compared to any android phone and that is very true.

For example, my samsung galaxy s6 physical body is not functioning properly like the volume buttons. Again the screen displays starts to have issues though it is not screen burn.

However, this is quite difficult to see on iPhone as the phone physical body will remain strong until you no longer fancy using the phone.

However, I must admit that the Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra is a very strong phone.

Yes I said it and you can watch the drop test video between the galaxy s22 ultra and the iPhone 13 pro max below.

2.1. The Battery Health

There’s no way one will be talking about do iphones last longer than android phones without mentioning the battery as it is very compulsory.

For the battery side, both android phones and IPhones battery life are almost the same though iPhones tend to have a slight edge over android phones.

For example, my friend iphone x battery is still going strong after five years and the battery has not been changed.

However, that can’t be said for an android phone of 2017 like the galaxy s8 or the galaxy s8 plus. Their battery has deteriorate that it can’t go more than five hours with normal usage without being charged for at least twice a day.

It is very much easier to get a good battery replacement for iPhones, but it is quite difficult to get a good battery replacement for android phones.

Tips to make your battery last longer

Battery health is very important when it comes to using your phone for a longer period of time and whether it is an android phone or an iPhone.

If the battery health of your phone deteriorate, it can be very annoying and same time frustrating.

Below are the tips to main your phone battery health.

1. Never Use Your When Charging: If you want to have a good battery health for your smartphone, please do not use your when it is charging especially when playing online games or using the internet.

Most time when you are using the internet while charging your phone, it tends to hear up the phone and causes overheating especially when playing online games while charging your phone.

There’s no doubt that one major causes of battery damage is overheating.

When your smartphone overheat very often it will in turn reduce the battery health of your smartphone and android phones battery health can be way too poor after three years of usage.

2. Don’t Overcharge Your Phone: Most times we usually think that the best way to charge a phone is to charge from 10% to 100%. If our device doesn’t reach up to 100% we feel that it is not yet fully charged but the reality is that once a phone gets up to 85% you’re good to go.

You shouldn’t waste your precious time waiting for the phone to get up to 100% cause that will affect the battery health of the phone on the long run.

It is advisable even by phone manufacturers to always charge your phone from 20% to a maximum of 85% per day in order to maintain a good battery health.

This only if you care especially if you are a heavy phone user.

Ever experienced charging your phone and instead of the percentage to increase, but rather it decreased.

That is caused by a faulty smartphone battery. This literally means the battery health is way too poor and should be changed especially if the problem persist without a solution.


Both android phones and IPhones do last long especially if you go for a high end android phone. However, there’s no doubt that iPhones do have a long lifespan in terms of software updates, being optimized and the hardware in general and this makes it to have an edge over android phones.

Now if you love Android phones and would want to have a phone that will last longer for you without issue of being slow on the long run or getting outdated very easily, I recommend you to go for a high end android phone be it samsung, Google pixel, xiaomi, Oppo, etc. And with this I draw the curtain for the question we have for today and which is do iphones last longer than android phones.


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