If iMessage doesn’t say delivered am i blocked? Explained

Sending messages on iPhone, one of the things you wouldn’t want to see is the sent message not getting delivered to the recipient.

As we all know that one of ways to know if a recipient has received a sent message is when it says delivered, in a situation whereby a sent message never say delivered will get us confused.

As the next question will be;

iMessage doesn't say delivered am i blocked

iMessage doesn’t say delivered am i blocked?

If iMessage doesn’t say delivered, it doesn’t neccesarily mean you have been blocked by the recipient as in the case of iMessage being unavailable. 

There are other reasons why iMessage will never say delivered  and not just when blocked by the recipient.

However, many a time if iMessage never say delivered after a couple of messages and in different occasions, then it is likely that you may have been blocked the recipient and that is the reason why your iMessages is not getting delivered t that very person.

But before you can conclude that indeed you have been blocked by the recipient, I will show you one of the things to do in order to confirm if truly iMessage doesn’t say delivered is because you have been blocked by the recipient.

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Let’s proceed to that.

1. By calling the person on faceTime

Do you know that if someone blocks you on iMessage, the person has also blocked you on FaceTime call.

This means that you won’t be able to call the person using facetime.

In this scenario, to find out if the reason why your iMessage is not getting delivered to a particular person is because you have been blocked by the person, open your facetime app and dial the person’s number or Apple ID.

Kindly call the person on different occasion and multiple times.

If the facetime call doesn’t go through, it may due to the fact that the person has indeed blocked your number.

But, you must undertake the second and the third step in order to confirm what you’re thinking.

The second step requires you to send iMessage as sms text message.

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2. By using send as sms

Once again, if you’re blocked on iMessage, it will automatically block you on sms text message which is green in color and uses the cellular network service.

In this type of situation, all you have to do is to go to your settings app and open it.


Scroll down to Messages and open it.

Scroll down a bit and you will see Send as SMS as shown in the picture below.

Send as sms

Make sure you enabled it as in the above picture.

Once you have done that, it will send iMessage as sms text messages when iMessage is unavailable.

This comes in handy if the recipient phone has no internet connection thereby making iMessage not to be available.

Talking about if imessage doesn’t say delivered am i blocked, if send as sms didn’t work, it is likely that truly you may have been blocked by the recipient.

Remember, you must have a texting plan or an airtime, a sim card or eSim and a cellular network service in order to send sms text messages.

Also this works only on phone numbers and not apple id.

If the person is only using an apple id for iMessage, this option won’t work as sms text messages do require a phone number.

The major disadvantage of the the green text message on iPhone is that it doesn’t have a delivery report.

However, if you happen to be blocked by the recipient, iMessage will never send the message as sms text message. 

This is how I use to determine if someone blocked me on iMessage or simply the person’s iMessage is not available due to no internet connection.

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3. Cellular calls are not going through

This is the last option that determines if you have been blocked or not.

Once again, if someone blocks you on iMessage it will also affect cellular calls and not just facetime calls.

Let’s assume that the recipient’s iMessage is unavailable, try to call the person on phone call.

Definitely it should go through unless you have been blocked or probably the recipient phone is switched off.

However, if this persists after several days and the person is very close to you, I recommend you to use another phone number to call the person.

You can never tell if something is wrong somewhere.

But if the call goes through, then it simply means that indeed the person has blocked you.

Mind you, if you don’t want to use another phone or it is not possible for you, all you have to do is hide your phone number and use the no caller id feature to call the person.

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4. Location sharing is not working

Another way to know if you have been blocked on iMessage is in a situation whereby you are sharing location with the person, and suddenly location sharing stopped working.

If you have been sharing location with someone on your iPhone, once the person blocked you on iMessage or iPhone in general, location sharing will stop.

If you try to check the person’s location what you will see will be Not Sharing Location.

This doesn’t neccesarily mean the person has stopped sharing location with you, but rather the person has blocked you and which automatically stops location on iPhone.

These are the ways to know if someone has blocked you on iPhone or iMessage.

If iMessage doesn’t say delivered, it may be due to these various reasons.

1.1. No Active Internet Connection on the recipient side

As imessage is an instant messaging service, it requires an internet connection in order to send and receive messages.

Once there is no internet connection on a given Apple device, imessage will never function because it requires Internet connection like Wi-Fi or cellular data.

In the case of Imessage doesn’t deliver, it may be due to the fact that the recipient iPhone or Apple device has no active Internet connection like the Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Once there is no active Internet connection, iMessage will be  unavailable.

1.2. The Recipient Phone Is Switched Off

One of the reason why imessage doesn’t say delivered if when the recipient phone is switched off, thus making imessage to be unavailable.

When a phone is switched off, this will automatically switch off imessage as well, but if the recipient’s apple ID is connected to ipad, apple watch or Mac, and which they’re active, imessage will be delivered to any of the apple devices.

iMessage doesn’t say delivered am i blocked? You may not neccesarily been blocked by the recipient, but rather it happened due to iMessage being unavailable.

Remember, for iMessage to get delivered, there must be an active internet connection on both the recipient phone, and the sender’s phone as well.

No internet connection simply means that iMessage will be unavailable.

Note: If the recipient iMessage is disabled, sending a message that very contact will be green in color and not blue even if the person is using an iPhone.

If you’re having a hard time sending iMessages or having them getting delivered, please be sure that the problem is not from your side.

If you’re able to send iMessages to all contacts except for one person, then the problem of iMessages not getting delivered is not from your side.

But asking how do you know if the person blocked you on iMessage? It is when the iMessage never say delivered or get sent as text message in a case where iMessage is unavailable due to no active internet connection.

And this is where I come to the conclusion on the question being asked, if imessage doesn’t say delivered am i blocked on iPhone or any other Apple device.

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