If imessage doesn’t say delivered can you delete it?

If imessage doesn’t say delivered can you delete it? This is our main focus for the day.

It is not very often that sent iMessages do get delivered to the recipient, in some occasions they won’t get delivered.

Sometimes, even after several hours you will still find out that your sent iMessage is still not delivered to the recipient.

Then what are you going to do about?

Wait for it to get delivered, or probably get rid of the message.

In this article I will explain if you can delete iMessage if it doesn’t get delivered or probably not.

But remember, since the ios 16 update, we now have the Undo Send on iMessage and the delete button.

In this type of situation, the best thing to do is to use the Undo Send button.

Let’s proceed.

If imessage doesn’t say delivered can you delete it

If imessage doesn’t say delivered can you delete it?

Yes you can delete the iMessage but that doesn’t neccesarily mean that it won’t get delivered to the recipient afterwards.

Now listen;

If you send an iMessage to someone on your iPhone and which didn’t get delivered, if you have not been blocked by the recipient, the iMessage will still get delivered to the recipient within the space of 72 hours even if you deleted the message on your iPhone.

For Example;

You sent a message to Charles on Monday and which didn’t get delivered. After several hours has passed still the message didn’t show delivered and you went ahead to get rid of the message by tapping on the delete button.

Now if the reason why Charles didn’t receive the message is because iMessage wasn’t available on Charles phone due to the fact that his phone is switched off or has no active internet connection.

Immediately Charles enables an active Wi-Fi connection or cellular data on his phone and within 72 hours of you sending the message, the iMessage will be delivered to Charles phone irrespective of the fact that you have deleted the sent iMessage on your phone.

This is in a situation whereby you no longer want Charles to receive the message.

Instead of deleting the message, I recommend you to unsend the message.

However, the Undo Send feature on iMessage is available within two minutes of sending a message. If after two minutes have passed, you won’t be able to see the Undo Send button.

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What to do

Instead of tapping on the delete button, simply tap on Undo Send if it is available.

All you need to do is to press hold on the sent iMessage and you will see lots of features which includes Undo Send as shown in the below picture.

If imessage doesn't say delivered can you delete it?

Once you done that, the message will be unsend on both sides.

Talking about if imessage doesn’t say delivered can you delete it, kindly note that Send as SMS  usually come into place if sent iMessage is not getting delivered to the recipient.

But this will occur if the recipient didn’t block you but rather the recipient’s iMessage is unavailable.

What will happen is that the sent iMessage will automatically change to sms text message and which will be sent to the recipient.

It will be green in color indicating sms text message, and below the message it will say sent as text message.

I recommend you to go through this page to learn more about sent as text message on iPhone and how it works.

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Difference between deleting and unsending a message

We usually think that deleting a message is the same as unsending a message, but on iMessage they are two different features.

I will assume that it is because on whatsapp, we have delete and delete for everyone feature which makes some think that the delete button on iMessage will delete for everyone.

It is not the way it work.

Previously, you can’t delete for everyone or unsend a message on iMessage. But since the release of ios 16 update, that has really changed.

You now have the option to unsend a message or edit a message and this is only available on iMessage as you can’t unsend or edit an sms text message on iPhone.

Now we have the delete button, and the Undo Send button, and they work differently.

The difference between delete and undo Send on iMessage is that the delete button will only delete the message on the sender’s side, while undo Send will unsend the message for both parties involved.

If you delete a message on your iMessage, kindly note that you didn’t delete the message on the recipient side.

Even if the message didn’t say delivered and you get rid of it, the recipient will still receive the message as long as the message was sent.

However, the case is different on Undo Send feature.

Once you hit on the button, it will remove the message for both parties involved even if the recipient has opened and read the message.

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What happens if you delete an iMessage that didn’t get delivered?

The message will still be delivered to the recipient if the recipient’s iMessage becomes active and available.

That is, if you were not blocked by the recipient.

The message will be removed from your phone, but may not likely if the reason why the didn’t get delivered is because the recipient phone is switch off or has no internet.

Deleting a message doesn’t delete for the other person but rather only on your phone.

While unsending a message will unsend for both parties involved.

What happens if you delete an iMessage after it’s delivered?

Definitely the recipient will receive the iMessage as you didn’t unsend the message.

The iMessage will only be deleted on your iPhone or Apple device, but the recipient will still be able to receive the message.

If your iPhone is running on ios 16 and above, simply unsend the message within two minutes of sending the message.

After two minutes must have passed, you will not see the Undo Send button and whicg you won’t be able to unsend the message.

So if you send an imessage and it doesn’t say delivered you can delete it but it doesn’t neccesarily mean the recipient won’t receive the message anymore.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of the question of the day, If imessage doesn’t say delivered can you delete it? And remember that you can delete the iMessage but that doesn’t neccesarily mean that it won’t get delivered to the recipient afterwards.

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