How to silence facetime calls (A How-to Guide)

It is not very often that we love to hear ringtones from a facetime call or a cellular call, as there are certain situation that we’ll prefer facetime call or a cellular call not to ring aloud.

Enabling the silent mode may not be a good idea as it silence both calls and notifications, we may choose to have only facetime call to be silenced.

This leads us to the question of the day.

how to silence facetime calls

How to silence facetime calls

To silent a facetime call, you need to have your ringtone set to silent and this will prevent facetime call from ringing aloud.

Setting your phone  ringtone to silent isn’t applicable to just facetime as it also affect cellular calls.

This means that if you set your ringtone to silent, not cellular calls, Facetime calls, whatsapp calls, Skype calls or any incoming call will be silenced on your iPhone or iPad.

Now the question is;

How do i set my ringtone to silent instead of any other ringtones?

If you check the iphone sound and haptics, down to ringtones and open the ringtones option, you won’t see any silent ringtone right there.

However, you have to get that silent ringtone yourself and it is not for free though the amount is just a token of $0.50 depending on your currency.

Once you have the silent ringtone in your iPhone, you’re good to go silencing facetime calls, cellular calls or any other incoming calls on your iPhone.

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Now let me show you how you get the silent ringtone on your iPhone as it is very essential and the only answer to the question being asked, how to silence facetime calls.

How to get silent ringtone to silence facetime calls

To get silent ringtone on your iPhone, open the Settings app.

Settings app

As you opened the settings app on your iPhone or iPad, kindly scroll down to Sound and Haptics and open it. 

how to silence facetime calls

Move to the Ringtones option and open it.

Right there you will see the option that says Store, this is where you will get the Silent ringtone.

how to silence facetime calls

Kindly tap on Tone Store and wait for it to open.

Next screen will appear the iTunes store or something like this or similar to the picture below.


At the bottom you will see options which includes a Search button. Please go ahead and tap on the search icon as shown in the picture below.


Enter Silent Ringtone and hit the search button.

You will see Silent Ringtones options for you to select, please tap on the See more button to see all of them.

Silent ringtones

You have to select the first option or any other options right there.

how to silence facetime calls

Please go ahead and make the purchase.

After you must have made the purchase, go back to Sound and Haptics >> Ringtone and tap on Download all purchased tones as shown below.

how to silence facetime calls

Once you tapped on Download all purchased tones, it will start to download the silent ringtone you’ve purchased.

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Now we are back to the question of the day, and which is how to silence facetime calls.

To silence facetime calls on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open the settings app on your device.
  • Scroll down to facetime and open it.
  • Tap on Notifications and open it.
  • Scroll down to alerts and on the options you will Sound.

Silent ringtone

  • Tap on it to open and select the Silent Ringtone.

Silent ringtone

By doing so, you have silenced facetime call on your iPhone.

Now to silence other ringtones or general ringtones for all calls on your iPhone, be it cellular calls, whatsapp call, viber, Skype, etc follow the below method.


Go to settings, and open Sound & Haptics on your iPhone. 

Open the ringtone option and right there you will see the Silent Ringtone as shown in the picture below.

how to silence facetime calls

Now select the Silent Ringtone and that’s it.

Once you have selected Silent Ringtone, if you receive an incoming facetime call, cellular call or any other incoming call on your iPhone or iPad, the call will be silenced.

If you have set vibration to occur during an incoming call, please set that to none.

To do so;

Kindly open Sound & haptics >> Ringtone >> Vibration. Tap on vibration to open, look at the bottom and select None.

Once you have done that, you’re good to go.

If someone calls you on FaceTime, it will be completely silenced.

Remember, this applies to cellular calls and other calls. So once you’re done receiving incoming calls on silent ringtone, don’t forget to select your preferred normal ringtone.

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Difference between silent ringtone and silent mode

Silent mode feature will silence all calls and notifications on an iphone or iPad, while the silent Ringtone will only silence calls.

If you only want or prefer your calls to be silenced and not the phone notification, then you have the silent ringtone option to use.

However, if you prefer to have your phone calls and notifications silenced, then you should simply enable the silent mode feature on your device.

To do so, look at the button located at the left corner of your phone and pull it down. After that, all your calls and notifications will be silenced.

Will silent ringtone affect facetime audio?

The straight answer is no. The silent ringtones does not affect facetime audio but only silences facetime ring.

Audio will be available when you answer a call and this applies to any other incoming call on your phone.

Now when talking about how to silence FaceTime ring on iPhone, this involves you using the silent rimgtone to silence facetime calls.

But what about muting the call?

Is it the same with silencing the call?

It depends on what you’re asking for.

How to mute facetime calls

To make facetime calls, you have to use the silent ringtone to mute incoming facetime calls.

This is the same as silencing facetime calls and preventing it facetime calls from ringing aloud.

If you’re looking for the procedure, kindly scroll up and you will see how to silence facetime calls as I have already explained that.

Now if what you mean by how to mute facetime calls is to silence or mute facetime audio sound when you have answered the call, then you have to do the following.

To mute yourself on FaceTime on your iPhone:

  1. During your FaceTime call, kindly click the screen of your iPhone to open the menu options.
  2. Right on the menu that pops up, you have to click the Microphone icon.
  3. The Microphone icon will turn grey, and the other person will no longer be able to hear your voice anymore.
  4. Also, to unmute yourself, you have to repeat the steps above. The Microphone icon returns to white.

Now remember that you can only mute yourself on FaceTime calls but not the other person on the call.

To Silence the other person, you only have to lower the volume on your iPhone and it will in turn silence the audio from the facetime call.

How to silence facetime calls on Mac

To mute on FaceTime on Mac simply follow the below steps;

  1. During a FaceTime call, move your cursor over the call window on your mac.
  2. Now click the Microphone icon right there.
  3. The icon will turn to white, and the other person on the call will no longer be able to hear you.
  4. To unmute yourself, repeat the steps above. The Microphone icon returns to gray.

Also remember that you can’t mute the other person on the call on FaceTime mac but rather can only mute yourself.

Related Questions

Can you mute yourself on facetime?

Yes you can mute yourself on FaceTime. You only need to click the screen of your iPhone to open the menu options, as the menu pops up, click the Microphone icon.

It will turn to grey indicating that you have mute yourself on FaceTime.

Remember, the other person will no longer hear you anymore until you follow the same process and un-mute yourself by tapping on the microphone icon.

And this is how to mute yourself on FaceTime.

Can the other person hear the mute sound on iPhone

The answer is no. The other person on the call won’t be able to hear the mute sound as it doesn’t notify the other person.

However, the other person will no longer head you anymore. 

This will indicate to the person that you have muted yourself on FaceTime call except if the person isn’t aware of what it means not to hear someone on FaceTime call.

How to hear someone when they are muted on FaceTime

You can’t hear someone when they mutes themselves on FaceTime except if they unmute themselves.

So far there’s no way to go about except the person that mute the facetime call.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of the question of the day, on how to silence facetime calls. Remember, you only have to use the silent ringtone and you’re good to go.


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