How accurate is airtag location? Everything explained

When talking about one of Apple’s device essentials, there’s no way the Apple airtag will be omitted from the list.

The Apple airtag which is used for tracking items has been very much useful, but the question is how accurate is airtag location.

This question usually comes up when talking about the AirTag or tracking an item or someone using the AirTag.

Having been using the Apple airtag for the past one year now, I will explain if at all the AirTag location is accurate or probably not especially if your device is running on the latest Apple ios.

Let’s proceed.

How accurate is airtag location

How accurate is airtag location

The Apple airtag location is very much accurate when there’s an iphone next to it, and precise location is enabled. 

When there’s an iphone next to the AirTag, it updates its location very often. I’m saying this when the Airtag is miles away from you

Apple airtag location is accurate only if;

  1. There’s an iPhone next to it.
  2. The Airtag is in motion which will make it update its current location very often.
  3. The precise location is enabled on Find My.

Remember, when tracking the Apple airtag from a long distance, it will require the use of Find My which uses the internet to track the item on the map. When tracking the AirTag from a short distance like 30 to 40 feet, it doesn’t require internet but rather Bluetooth.

If you’re tracking the Apple airtag and which you’re 30 to 40 feet away from the AirTag, it will perfectly give you an accurate location because when you’re in close proximity, such as within Bluetooth range, the location accuracy can be quite high, often within a few meters.

Where it matters most is when the AirTag is miles away from you.

In the case if theft or maybe trying to track someone. In this scenerio you will use the Find My app map to locate your airtag even when it is in another state or COUNTRY.

When asking how accurate is airtag location, this depends on how accurate is the Apple Find My app and its location tracking.

From my experience, it is very much accurate especially if the AirTag is in motion.

As long as the Airtag is in motion, the location will be updated frequently. Why I’m saying this because one of the issues of apple airtag that  people complaining is the airtag location not being updated frequently or very often.

This can make you conclude that the AirTag location is not accurate, but that is not true because the AirTag location is very much accurate to an extent.

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So the issue of the Apple airtag not being updated very often makes it look as if it is not very accurate.

But I’m telling you that as long as the AirTag is in motion, it will update its location very often and which will provide you with the accurate current location of the AirTag.

When I say the Apple airtag being in motion is the AirTag moving and not being domiciled.

The AirTag can be in motion if someone has it in their car, bike, pet, etc.

Kindly note that the Apple airtag requires an iPhone to be next to it or close it for it to update its location.

If there’s no Apple device next to an airtag, it will never update its location and will be Not Trackable.

This is one major reason why the Apple airtag doesn’t update its current location. And once a location is not being updated frequently, you will say that its location accuracy is poor.

Again this is one disadvantage of the Apple airtag, there must be an iPhone next to it or close to it.

If you happen to be in an environment where most people use Android phones, you may find it hard time tracking your airtag because there won’t be any iPhone around to make the AirTag update its current location.

Please make sure that precise location is enabled on your iPhone, and to do so, open the settings app on your iPhone and scroll down to Privacy & Security.


As the next window opens, tap on Location Services to open the option.

Now you have to scroll down Find My and tap on it.

Location services

As Find My opens, right there you will see Precise Location, please make sure to enable the option as shown in the picture below.

Precise location

You should also make sure that precise location is enabled for Apple Maps. Still, on the Location Services page, you will see Map as shown below.

Apple map

Tap on the map and when it opens, make sure to enable Precise Location right there.

Why I’m saying this because the precise location is very essential when it comes to accurately tracking someone on find my or tracking your apple airtag.

So asking how accurate is airtag location, it is very accurate if there’s an iPhone next to the Apple airtag, and which the AirTag is in motion as it will frequently update its location.

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Major disadvantage of the apple airtag

The major disadvantage of the Apple airtag is not updating its location very frequently or very often.

It is quite annoying when trying to track an airtag on Find My, it continues to show last updated 10 mins ago.

The Apple airtag is quite slow when it comes to updating it’s current location. However, I noticed that it gets worse when not in motion.

If the AirTag is domiciled, it will not update it’s location very frequently compared to when it is being moved around.

When being moved around will make it come into contact with an iphone which will make it update it’s current location.

Does an AirTag show exact location?

AirTag do show exact location as long as precise location is enabled for find my.

Being shown exact location simply means the accuracy of the Apple airtag.

If the Apple airtag is not accurate enough, it won’t show the exact location of the item. But from my experience, it does show the exact location as long as precise location is enabled, and the location is updated.

Both the Bluetooth feature and the map feature of the Apple airtag are very much accurate.

My only issue is the Apple airtag to get updated frequently or very often.

Can an AirTag track me if my location is turned off?

AirTag won’t track you if your location services is turned off simply because Find my requires location services to function.

Now listen, if you pair the Apple airtag on your iPhone, and which you have the location services turned off, the Apple airtag won’t function.

But if you’re not the owner of the AirTag or didn’t pair it on your iPhone, it can track you with other iphones around it or next to it.

Can I track an AirTag in another state?

Yes you can track airtag in another state by using Find My and Apple map.

You can even Track an AirTag in another country.

In this very aspect, what is required is find my, Apple iphones and the Apple map.

As long as the Apple airtag comes in contact with an iphone that has Find My, it will update it’s current location. All you need to do is to open the Find My app and tap on items to see your airtag location in the map.

How accurate is airtag location

Can I track an AirTag in another state?

Remember, you must have an active internet connection on your device.


So when talking about the Apple airtag and if at all how accurate is airtag location, kindly note that precise location is very important as it helps to give an accurate location on Find My.

So next time you’re trying to track an item that has the Apple airtag attached to it, please make sure to enable the precise location as it is very essential in accurate tracking of the item or the AirTag. And with this, I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, how accurate is airtag location. 


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