Google messages mute conversation explained

So you’re looking for google messages mute conversation, that is how you can mute Google messages conversation, this post will guide you through.

I’ve noticed that some number of persons or users don’t know about this, and that is why you see questions like can you mute a conversation on Google messages appear in forums. Please note that you can mute a conversation on google messages.

Right now, you can easily mute a conversation on google messages, and even on samsung messages as well if you have the Samsung phone and using the default samsung message app.

But right here, we’ll be looking at the way to mute messages in the google messages app.

Let’s jump in.

google messages mute conversation

Google messages mute conversation

Below is how to mute Google messages conversation;

  1. Open the google messages app.
  2. Locate the conversation, and tap on the three dot hamburger menu.
  3. Right there you will be present with lots of options, please tap on Details.
  4. Tap on notifications, and select Silent. 
  5. And that’s it. You have muted that very conversation on google messages.

For a better explanation along with images, let me show you how to mute a conversation on google messages, and this is very helpful for groups messages, and you don’t want to be disturbed or distracted with the notifications from the conversations. 

Get started by opening the Google Messages app on your android phone.

Next is to locate the conversation, and open it.

Look up, and you will see a three dots hamburger menu as shown below, tap on the three dots.

google messages mute conversation

You will be presented with more options, and which includes Details as shown below.

google messages mute conversation

Tap on Details, and in the next window you will see Notifications, tap on the option.

How to mute conversation in Google messages

As you tap on Notifications, on the next window you will see three options;

  • Priority
  • Alert
  • Silent

Google messages

Once you set the notification to silent, then you’re good to go.

Notifications from that very conversation will be muted, but other conversations will be alerted.

This method is only to mute for a certain contact or conversation, but if you want to mute the entire messages, then you have to do the following.

Open the Google messages app, and tap on your google account.

Google account

As you tap on your google account, you will see Messages Settings as shown below.

Messages settings

Tap on Messages settings, and in the next window tap on Notifications as shown below.

google messages mute conversation

Tap on Notifications, and set to silent.

How to silent messages on android

And this is how to silent or silent messages on android phone using the Google messages.

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Can someone tell if I silence their texts?

No one can tell if you silenced their texts.

Both on google messages and even on iPhone, there’s no possible way for a sender to know or detect that a message has been silenced or a conversation has been muted.

You can silence or mute a conversation or text messages if you’re feeling disturb or being distracted with the message notifications.

The sender will never know about it. 

Is mute conversation the same as blocking?

The answer is no. To mute a conversation is not the same as to block a conversation, as both are completely different.

When you mute a conversation, the sent text message will be delivered to the recipient, but the alert tone or the message notification will be silenced.

On the other hand, when you block someone on your phone, text messages sent by the person will not be delivered to your phone.

When you talk about mute, it simply means to silence a text, while to block means to restrict a text from getting delivered.

Both terms are completely different.

How do I silence messages from one person on Android? Open the conversation >> tap on the three dots >> tap on details >> notifications >> and set it to silent.

Google Messages Quick Overview

Google Messages is an Android messaging app designed to provide an enhanced and versatile communication experience for users.

With a focus on text and multimedia messaging, Google Messages offers a range of features to streamline conversations and make communication more engaging.

One of the standout features of Google Messages is its integration of Rich Communication Services (RCS), which modernizes traditional SMS by incorporating multimedia elements, read receipts, and typing indicators.

This enables users to enjoy a more interactive and expressive conversation, akin to popular instant messaging platforms.

RCS support also facilitates high-quality image and video sharing, group chats, and seamless transitions between individual and group conversations.

The app’s interface is user-friendly and organized, making it easy to navigate through conversations and locate specific messages.

Additionally, Google Messages incorporates a powerful search function that enables users to quickly find specific content within their message history.

To ensure security and privacy, Google Messages offers end-to-end encryption for one-on-one RCS chats, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access.

The app also includes spam protection mechanisms to filter out unwanted messages and ensure a safer messaging environment.

Google Messages’ integration with other Google services further enriches its functionality.

Users can access and manage messages across multiple devices, including computers, through a web interface. This cross-platform accessibility adds convenience and flexibility to messaging.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, google messages mute conversation or probably how to mute a conversation on Google messages, and same applies to the default samsung messages.

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