Google meet vs facetime: Everything explained

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Google meet vs facetime, what’s the difference between the two and which one is better.

Remember, Google upgraded the google duo into Google meet, so right now Google meet has the conference call option, and the personal call option as well.

So here, I’m talking about the formerly Google duo and now Google meet.

When you talk about the difference between android and iPhone, both facetime and google meet are usually mentioned.

First, I want you to know that Google meet is the previous Google duo. Since the past one and half year, Google change Google duo to Google meet and added extra features to it.

So don’t get confused or thinking I’m talking about a new product here, that is not the case as Google meet is the previous Google duo.

So this article covers everything about google meet vs facetime, and which one is better though they differ from android to iphone.

google meet vs facetime

Google meet vs facetime: The difference and similarities

The difference between google meet vs facetime is that Google meet is only available on android, while facetime is for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer. 

When you talk about Google meet, it is only available for android users, while facetime is available for Apple users though since 2020, android users can use facetime but it requires someone with apple device to initiate the call.

So far especially in 2023, Google meet is still only available for android.

Those with iPhones and iPads won’t be able to use google meet(formerly Google duo).

In this article of google meet vs facetime, I will explain their differences which is all about their features. But below are the key features of both Google meet and facetime.

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Google Meet Key Features;

  • Google meet has a video call and audio call feature.
  • Google meet has the option to send pictures, video, text notes and voice notes.
  • There are tons of filters, effects, background blur, wide angle, murrow mode, etc
  • You can take photos during a video call on google meet.
  • You can share screen on Google meet not matter the app you’re using thanks to live sharing.
  • Google meet uses Google account and phone number for the meet app.
  • Being a voip services app, Google meet uses internet.
  • Google meet works both locally and internationally.

Facetime Key Features;

  • Facetime is an apple products that works on all iPhones, iPads and Mac computer.
  • Facetime uses internet to make and receive calls.
  • Facetime uses any of apple ID or phone number to make and receive facetime calls, though you can use both of them.
  • With facetime, you can only make and receive video call or audio call.
  • Facetime has the share screen option, but it is limited to some applications.
  • Facetime can be used for both local calls and video calls, and it is for free.

These are the key features for both facetime and google meet.

Now let me explain their differences.

Difference between google meet vs facetime

Below are the differences between google meet vs facetime;

Google Meet Facetime
With Google meet, you can send voice note, text note, pictures and video. Facetime don’t offer the option to send any voice note, text note, pictures or videos except when iMessage is used.
Google meet has lots of filters, effect, and background blur. There’s no background blur on facetime.
Google meet consume less. Facetime tends to consume more data than Google meet.
Taking a photo on google meet are not notified to the other user. Once you take a photo on facetime, the other user will be notified.
Google meet uses Google account account and phone number. Facetime uses apple ID and phone number, or any of the Apple ID or phone number.

These are the main difference between google meet vs facetime.

Remember, facetime offer three microphone modes, which are the standard mode, voice isolation and the wide Spectrum.

However, that is not left out in google meet as it offers three mic modes as well, and they are the standard mode, the voice focus and the all sound mode.

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Similarities between google meet vs facetime

Now let me explain the similarities between google meet vs facetime.

1. They both uses internet

Talking about the similarities, both the google meet and facetime uses internet for their services, this includes Wi-Fi and cellular data.

If you have an available Wi-Fi connection, you can use it for your facetime call or google meet call. This also goes with using cellular data for any of the two voip services.

2. Sim card or eSim is not compulsory

You can use a sim card or eSim on both Google meet and facetime, but you can also chose not to use any sim card or eSim for these apps.

As long as you have an active Google account and Apple ID, you’re good to go without a sim card.

3. Offers video call and audio call

Both Google meet and facetime offers the option to make and receive video call and audio call.

The vide quality on both facetime and goog meet are of quality though facetime seemed to be slightly better especially if you have a high speed internet connection.

4. Both apps can be used for local calls and international calls

This is another popular feature and similarities of facetime and google meet, both apps can be used for local and international calls, and which are for free.

Ae you can use facetime to call someone abroad, you can also use google meet to call someone abroad.

5. They have mic modes

Both facetime and google meet have mic modes which are the same.

In facetime, there’s a standard mode, which is the same in google meet.

In facetime, there’s a voice isolation mic mode which is the same in google meet though it is called voice focus mic mode. 

Lastly is the wide Spectrum mic mode on facetime, which is the same with Google meet All sound mic mode.

For the newbies, this is how the mic modes work on both facetime and google meet;

The Standard mic mode: Standard mic mode is a default setting on most microphones that is optimized for general use.

When a microphone is set to standard mic mode, it typically captures sound in a way that is balanced and natural, with a frequency response that is optimized to pick up a wide range of frequencies without any particular emphasis on any one frequency range.

In this mode, the microphone will generally have a cardioid polar pattern, which means that it primarily picks up sound from the front of the microphone and rejects sound from the sides and rear.

This can help to reduce background noise and focus on the intended sound source.

Standard mic mode is suitable for a variety of applications, such as recording vocals, instruments, and speech, and is often used in podcasting, streaming, and broadcasting.

It is a versatile setting that can provide a good balance between capturing a natural sound and minimizing unwanted noise and interference.

Voice isolation

The voice isolation mic mode: Voice isolation mic mode is a microphone setting that is designed to isolate and enhance the voice of the person speaking while reducing background noise and interference.

This mode is particularly useful in situations where there is a lot of ambient noise or where the speaker is situated in a noisy environment.

Voice isolation mode works by using advanced signal processing algorithms to filter out unwanted sounds and focus on the voice of the speaker.

The microphone may use techniques such as noise cancellation, beamforming, and directional filtering to achieve this.

In this mode, the microphone may have a supercardioid or hypercardioid polar pattern, which means that it is even more directional than a cardioid pattern, and is better at rejecting sounds from the sides and rear.

This can help to reduce the amount of ambient noise and interference picked up by the microphone.

Voice isolation mode is particularly useful in applications such as video conferencing, podcasting, and live streaming, where clear and intelligible speech is essential, and background noise can be distracting or disruptive.

Voice isolation on facetime is the same with voice focus on Google meet. 

So if you like the voice isolation on facetime, then you have to select Voice Focus on Google meet.

Voice focus

Whatever the voice isolation mic mode does on facetime calls, same the google meet voice focus mic mode will do in google meet calls.

Facetime Wide Spectrum

The Wide Spectrum: Wide Spectrum mic mode is a microphone setting that is designed to capture a wide range of frequencies across the entire audible spectrum, from low bass frequencies to high treble frequencies.

This mode is particularly useful in applications where it is important to capture a natural, balanced sound with a full frequency response.

In wide spectrum mode, the microphone typically has an omnidirectional polar pattern, which means that it picks up sound equally from all directions.

This can be useful in situations where there are multiple sound sources or where the speaker is moving around.

The microphone may also use additional signal processing techniques such as equalization to enhance certain frequency ranges or to correct for any imbalances in the frequency response.

Wide spectrum mode is suitable for a variety of applications, including recording music, capturing natural soundscapes, and picking up ambient sounds in a room.

It can be particularly useful in situations where there is no specific sound source that needs to be isolated or emphasized, and where a natural, balanced sound is desirable.

In google meet, All Sound is the same with wide Spectrum on facetime.

As long as you are making a facetime call, please don’t use wide Spectrum as it is quite annoying unless you want to hear the background and this also goes to Google meet All Sound.

Google meet All Sound

I don’t recommend using All Sound mic mode in google meet unless you want to hear the background sound or background noise.

Which is better Google Meet or FaceTime?

Google meet is better than facetime especially with nice exciting features added to it.

However, it also depends on someone’s preferences when talking about which is better Google Meet or FaceTime as one is available for android, while the other is available for Apple users.

Facetime is nice, so as google meet.

The truth is that facetime is very popular compared to google meet or google duo. 

Previously, especially when it was Google duo, I always prefer facetime over Google duo as facetime is a lot better compared to google duo.

But since Google duo has now been upgraded to google meet, I see more features in google meet than on facetime especially the share live screen which is a fantastic feature.

If you ask me, I prefer Google meet thank facetime, as google meet has lots of nice features compared to facetime.

So I will say Google meet is better than facetime.

But you can say otherwise, and mind you I’m using the two apps along with Whatsapp.

Is Google Meet the same as FaceTime?

Google meet is the same as facetime though it is only available on android.

Google meet previously Google duo is the same as facetime as it was introduced to compete with facetime as the official Android voip app.

So when you talk about facetime for Apple device, you also talk about Google meet for android users.

Can someone with an iPhone use Google Meet?

The answer is no. Google meet is only available for android users only.

Maybe later in the future Google meet may be available for Apple users as someone with android can use facetime thank to facetime create link option or feature.

This is all I have to say on FaceTime vs Google Duo or probably google meet vs facetime as google duo is now upgraded to google meet.

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