Does iphone charge faster when off? Explained

When it comes to charging a phone or probably an iPhone, one of the most common question asked is, does iphone charge faster when off.

Let me first ask you, do you think your iPhone charge faster when switched off or probably not? Well I decided to test to see if my iphone will charge a lot faster when switched off compared to when the phone is on and active.

does iphone charge faster when off


Does iphone charge faster when off?

iPhone charge quite faster when switched off compared to when active though the margin is small.

When the phone is switched off, all background apps are not active, radio services will not be active, and this also includes internet activities.

This alone makes the phone to quite charge a lot faster compared to when the phone is on and active.

For example, I’m using the iPhone 14 pro max and when the phone is switched off, it it takes for an hour plus 5 mins to charge my phone from 20% to 100% using a 65W charge when the phone is on but has no active internet connection.

Then it takes around 48 mins to charge my iPhone from 20% to 100% using the same charger when the phone is switched off.

Remember, if you switched off your iPhone and plug it into the socket, it will automatically turn on once charging is detected.

So in order to charge your phone when switched off, first plug the cable into the usb port, let it start to charge them you can power off the phone.

With this method, the phone will be charging while switched off.

From my experience the difference isn’t that big as long as you turned off internet on your phone when charging your phone.

Also, I noticed that using internet or playing games when the phone is charging makes the charging to be a lot longer than it should.

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How to charge your phone a lot faster

Below are the ways to charge your iPhone faster;

1. Use a Higher Wattage Charger

This is very essential especially now that iphones no longer come with a charger but rather a usb cable.

I use a 65W charger and this alone helps my iPhone 14 pro max to charge very fast compared to when I’m using 20Watt charger.

Kindly note that it hasn’t caused any damaged to my iPhone since I have been using it from December last year, and the battery percentage is still at hundred percent.

A charger with a higher wattage (like an iPad charger) can provide more power to your iPhone, allowing it to charge faster.

2. Enable Airplane Mode

This turns off wireless connections, reducing battery consumption and allowing the phone to charge faster.

From my experience, this works as well as long as you don’t have an active Wi-Fi connection while on airplane mode. I even prefer to have my phone on airplane mode compared to entirely switching off the phone.

3. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

does iphone charge faster when off

This is very important, to avoid extreme temperatures when charging the phone and this is for mobile gamers.

Playing games on your iPhone while charging it at same time. Definitely you’re killing the battery because the phone will overheat. Once there’s too much heat, the phone will charge at slow speed or even start to charge backwards.

I’m explaining this based on my experience, and before you know it, your iPhone battery capacity will drop by 3 or 5.

One of the ways to damage a smartphone battery is through overheating, so please avoid charging your phone when the phone is hot or heated up.

4. Close Unused Apps

Closing background apps can reduce the strain on the processor, allowing your iPhone to charge more efficiently.

You can also limit background processes. Turning off features like Location Services or Background App Refresh can reduce the load on the processor, which can speed up charging.

5. Use a High-Quality Charging Cable

Does iPhone charge while powered off

Lastly is to use a high-quality charging cable. A high-quality cable will ensure that the maximum amount of power is delivered to your iPhone.

So asking the question of does iphone charge faster when off? The answer is yes. iPhones charge faster when turned off because no apps is running in the background, no internet, and no overheating.

Do iphones charge slower when off?

No, rather iPhones charge faster when it is switched off.

This isn’t just only for iPhone, both android phones, feature phones, and tablets do charge faster when switched off during charging.

Should I leave my iPhone charging after 100 or take it off?

Once your phone reached 100 please take it off from the charger, though the recommended charging percentage is 85%.

Dont over charge your phone because you’re simply damaging the battery. Once it gets to 85% remove the phone from charging, though if you want you can leave it until it reached 100%.

Samsung phones has a feature called Protect Battery which stop the phone from charging once it reached 85%. I do hope apple will add this feature to their devices because one may forget to unplug his phone at 85%.

The Samsung Protect Battery is both available on all samsung phones and tablets running on the latest one ui 5.1.

Does iPhone charge while powered off?

Yes, iPhone do charge when powered off just like any other smartphone.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of today’s question of does iphone charge faster when off, and you should know that iphone charge quite a lot faster when switched off and when a higher charger adapter is used.

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