Does iMessage cost money? Explained

One of the two major ways to send messages on iPhone is by using Sms text messages, and iMessage.

Mostly, iPhone users tend to use iMessage to send messages compared to SMS text messages. iMessage has lots of messaging options and features compared to SMS text messages being an instant messaging service.

Talking about iMessage, there is no doubt that it is one of the best instant messaging services on apple devices.

Now the question being asked is,

Does iMessage cost money

Does iMessage cost money?

The answer is no. iMessage does not cost money even when sending messages internationally. 

As long as iMessage is involved when it comes to sending messages on iPhone, iMessage is free to use. If you are sending messages abroad or overseas using iMessage, be rest assured that you won’t be charged as the sent message will be free.

The main reason why iMessage doesn’t cost money becomes it is an instant messaging service or a P2P Service just like Whatsapp, amber, signal, Facebook messenger, telegram, etc.

All these messages are P2P type of messaging which uses the internet and cellular network service.

All instant messaging apps and services use the internet to send and receive messages and this is why it doesn’t cost money to use any of these apps to send messages across and even when sending messages internationally.

iMessage has nothing to do with the network service proceeder and because of this, iMessage doesn’t cost money.

However, the case is different when sending SMS text messages.

As long as the SMS text message is involved, bear in mind that it is not for free unless your network service provider offers free SMS to their customers.

There is a high cost when using SMS text messaging to send text messages overseas or abroad. But you can avoid the cost by simply using iMessage.

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Asking does iMessage cost money, the answer is no because iMessage is free to use.

Is long distance imessage free

Is Long Distance iMessage Free?

The answer is yes. Long distance iMessage is free and you won’t be charged any fee for sending or receiving long distance imessage.

For Example:

If you’re living in the united states and want to send iMessage to someone in the UK, you won’t be charged any fee to send the messages abroad.

The same goes for receiving iMessages abroad, you also won’t be charged any fee.

Talking about does iMessage cost money, it gets a lot better when using a Wi-Fi connection to send and receive iMessages compared to when using cellular data.

If you are using a Wi-Fi connection on your phone, then iMessage is 100% free. But if you are using mobile data or cellular data, then imessage may not be necessarily free as you are required to buy a data plan in order to use iMessage on your phone.

Note that it is free to use T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc to send long distance iMessage.

What is required to send iMessage

As iMessage is free to send messages right from your iPhone, iPad, Mac or the Apple watch, you only need to have an active internet connection like Wi-Fi or a cellular data.

If you don’t have a free Wi-Fi around you, the only option you have is to buy a cellular data plan.

Also remember that iMessage must be enabled and active on your phone before you can use it to send messages or to receive messages as well.

All you have to do is to open the settings app, scroll down to Messages and open it.

Right there you will see iMessage, please make sure that the button is turned on and below it you should see Send & Receive as shown in the picture below.


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Benefits Of Using iMessage

If you are sending messages locally or internationally, iMessage is simply the best as long as you have an iPhone with you.

It comes with lots of features compared to text messaging.

Below are the features you will get when using iMessage to send and received messages on your iPhone.

  • iMessage has a delivery report and read receipts.
  • iMessage can be unsend and edited thanks to the ios 16 updates.
  • iMessage is very economical compared to an SMS text messages.
  • You can react to a received message on iMessage.

iMessage has a delivery report and read receipts

On iPhone, there are two types of messaging and which include the iMessage and the SMS messaging.

On SMS text messaging on iPhone, there is no read receipts or delivery reports which makes it very difficult to know if a recipient has received a sent text message.

Mostly, read receipts are only featured in instant messaging apps and services and not in SMS text messaging. However, SMS text messaging usually has a delivery report and this is included in android SMS text messaging but is quite lacking in iPhone SMS text messaging.

So this means you won’t be able to know if iPhone green text message was delivered to the recipient.

If you’re using iMessage to send the message, definitely you will receive a delivery report as iMessage does have a delivery report.

This also includes read receipts which let you if the recipient has opened and read the sent message.

2. iMessage can be unsend and edited

Since the release of the ios 16 updates, you can now usend and edit iMessage on your iPhone.

So far, you can’t unsend or edit an SMS text message.

If you’re sending messages abroad using iMessage, you can unsend a message or have the sent message gets edited and which is impossible when using SMS text messages.

3. you can send large files using iMessage for free

Being an instant messaging service or a p2p service, you can seamlessly use iMessage to send large files though the maximum file limit is 100MB.

It gets a lot better if you want to send files likes pictures or videos to someone living in abroad.

The best is that iMessage does not compress and reduce image quality just like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and others. This means that you can send high quality pictures to someone using iMessage even when the person is of long distance.

Remember, sending pictures, videos, and other files on iMessage doesn’t cost a dime as it is free.

Using SMS text message to send pictures and videos?

This is not possible at all even when using mms messaging.

MMS messaging can only send short video clips and small size photos.

These are the main benefits of using iMessage others includes the fact that iMessage is very economical compared to sms text message. You can use iMessage even when your phone services has been disconnected as long as you have a WiFi network around you.

does activating iMessage cost money

Activating iMessage does not cost any money as iMessage activation is done for free as long as you have an active internet connection in your iPhone.

It is way better when you have a free Wi-Fi connection.

If you don’t have a free wifi connection then you ought to subscribe to a mobile data plan.

Activating iMessage on your iPhone will not attract a charge from your network service provider, all you have to do is to have an internet connection on your phone, make sure iMessage is enabled on your device and it will be activated.

does iMessage cost money to send pictures?

The answer is no. iMessage does not cost money to send pictures or any other files using iMessage. You can send high quality pictures using iMessage as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum file limit of 100MB you’re good to go.

You can only attract charges from your network service provider when using MMS messaging to send pictures and which I don’t advise now we have the likes of iMessage, Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook messenger, Viber, signal, etc.

If you’re using a Wi-Fi network, you will surely enjoy iMessage compared to when using cellular data as iMessage doesn’t cost a dime on Wi-Fi.

And with this I come to the conclusion of the question of the day on iMessage, does iMessage cost money to send and receive messages? The answer is no as iMessage is free to use both locally and internationally.


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