Does airtag work with ipad? All explained

As the Apple AirTag is a small, Bluetooth-enabled device designed to help you keep track of your belongings, one of question being asked is, does airtag work with ipad.

While primarily intended for use with iPhones, AirTags can also work with iPads. But, there’s a big limit to apple airtags working on an ipad. I will explain the limit, and if you can use the Apple airtag to track your valuable items.

Let’s proceed.

does airtag work with ipad

Does airtag work with ipad?

Yes, Apple airtag do work with ipad, but you can’t use the precision finding capability as the feature is not available for iPads. 

Since the release of the Apple airtag, Apple released a feature called Precision Finding, which helps to easily locate or find your airtag.

This very Precision Finding is so far only available on iPhones, starting from iPhone 11 series and later iPhones released.

The Precision Finding capability is not available on iPad, Mac, Apple watch, and iPhone xs max below. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use airtag on these devices, you can but the airtag feature will be limited.

What the Precision Finding do is to help to locate your airtag when nearby or when it is within the Bluetooth range which is 40 feet away.

For example, thanks to the Precision Finding capability you can locate your keys, wallet, or any valuable item in your house that has an airtag attached to it.

Below is what I’m talking about.

does airtag work with ipad

This very feature is only available on iPhone, and from iPhone 11 series and later iPhones.

It is very essential if you’re the type that always misplace your wallet, keys, or even your pet. As long as you’re sure that they are nearby or within 40 feet away from you, simply use the Find Nearby option to locate the item or your airtag.

How this work is that you tap on the Find Nearby option, and it will direct you to the location of your item.

It will display how many meters you’re away from the AirTag.

does airtag work with ipad

It will direct you, and once you’re at the right track to find your item or airtag, the color will turn into green as shown below.

Find Nearby

This is the work of the Precision Finding capability, helping you to find your airtag or item when nearby, and this feature is not available on iPad.

This also explain the question of the day, does airtag work with ipad. If you’re looking to use the Precision Finding capability to find your nearby item or airtag, that ie not possible because the Precision Finding is not available on iPad.

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Aside from the Precision Finding capability or the Find Nearby feature, you can still use your iPad to track your airtag.

The only option you have is to use the Map on Find My app to locate your item or airtag.

Below is a typical example of how apple airtag page looks on iPad, and you will see the Find Nearby option is very much missing.

Airtag for iPad

Connecting airtag to an iPad

Looking at the question we have here, renewed iphone does airtag work with ipad, kindly note that you can connect your airtag to your iPad just like on iPhone.

Simply bring the AirTag close to your iPad and it will display the AirTag quick setup as show below.

Apple airtag on ipad

So you go ahead and connect the AirTag to your iPad.

Tap on connect, and select the name you prefer for your airtag, or you can set a custom name if that’s what you want.

Tap on the continue button.

Agree with the terms of your airtag being linked to your apple ID and iPad.

Wait for the AirTag to connect to your apple ID and your iPad. You will hear a sound which signify that the AirTag has been paired to your iPad.

You can tap on the Done button, or tap on view in Find My app.

Afterwards you can view your airtag on Find My app.

does airtag work with ipad

So the only option you have to track your airtag on your iPad is by using the map on Find My app.

The map on Find My app comes in handy if you want to track an airtag far distance away from you .

For example, tracking a stolen car or bike miles away from you and even in another state or country.

So lastly, do apple airtags work with ipad? Yes, Apple airtag do work with ipad though the Precision Finding feature is not available on iPad.

Whether you have an ipad pro, ipad air, ipad mini or the standard ipad, the Apple airtag will work on the iPad.

Remember, the AirTag works with apple ID, and this means that if you paired an airtag with an iPhone and which you have an iPad, the AirTag will display on the iPad as long as the iPhone and the iPad are using the same apple ID.

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Apple airtag overview

The Apple airtag is a devices designed to facilitate item tracking through the seamless integration of Bluetooth technology and the Find My app on your iPad.

When an AirTag is paired with an apple device like the iPhone or iPad, it becomes an invaluable tool for locating personal belongings, though on iPad, the Precision Finding feature is missing.

If a user misplaces an item with an attached AirTag, they can use the “Find My” app on their iPhone to track its location.

The app displays the approximate distance and direction to the AirTag.

As the user gets closer to the AirTag, the app’s interface provides more accurate information, helping them pinpoint the item’s location.

What sets AirTag apart is the “Precision Finding” feature, available on newer iPhones with the U1 chip. This feature uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to enable highly accurate location tracking.

The U1 chip allows for more precise distance and direction measurements between the iPhone and the AirTag, making it easier to locate items even in complex environments.

Additionally, AirTag benefits from Apple’s vast network of devices. If an AirTag is out of Bluetooth range, other Apple device in the vicinity can detect the AirTag’s Bluetooth signal and relay its location securely to the owner via the Find My network.

This is done anonymously and with end-to-end encryption, ensuring privacy and security. And with this, I come to the conclusion of today’s question on does airtag work with ipad pro, air, mini, and the regular iPad.


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