Do apple airtags work internationally? Explained

When it comes to using the Apple AirTag, one of the questions being asked is, do Apple AirTags work internationally, so this is the question of the day, and what we will be looking at.

So into this article, we will be looking at the Apple airtag, how it works, and if it does work internationally and also the limitations.

do apple airtags work internationally

Do apple AirTags work Internationally?

The answer is yes. Apple AirTags do work internationally as long as there’s an availability of an iPhone close to the AirTag. 

So far, no country has restricted the use of Apple AirTags even in international airports or airlines

When it comes to using the Apple AirTags internationally, there are certain limitations that you should know as it involves how the Apple airtag work.

Before planning to use the Apple AirTag internationally, first, you need to know if the country has lots of Apple devices, especially the iPhone.

Why I am saying this is because without an iPhone around or next to the AirTag, the Apple airtag will not work. You can’t be able to track the Apple AirTag.

This is one of the main disadvantage of using the Apple AirTag. Before going further into the post, let me explain how the Apple AirTags works as it will help you to understand this article very well.

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How apple airtag works

The Apple airtag works by utilizing a combination of Bluetooth technology, Find My network, and Find My to help users locate their lost or misplaced items on their Apple device.

AirTag uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to connect with nearby Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, or Macs.

When an AirTag is paired with an iPhone, it becomes associated with the user’s Apple ID, enabling them to keep track of its location using the Find My app on an iphone or iPad.

Below is a quick explanation on how apple airtag works;

  • Pair the AirTag with your iPhone or ipad.
  • Place the AirTag on any of your item like car, keys, bag, luggage, pet, etc.
  • Use Find My to locate or track your apple airtag.
  • WiFi is not necessarily compulsory especially if the AirTag is within your proximity as you can play a sound to locate the misplaced item or airtag.
  • An iphone must be around the AirTag in order to track it on Find My.

This very sentence An iphone must be around the AirTag in order to track it on Find My, is my area of interest when it comes to using an apple airtag internationally.

There are two modes of tracking the AirTag;

  • Using the Bluetooth mode
  • Using the map on Find My

1. Using the Bluetooth mode:

This requires you to be in the Bluetooth mode proximity in order to track or navigate to your airtag.

This is usually 30 to 40 feet away from the AirTag. You simply have to use the Find Nearby option to locate your airtag.

do airtags work internationally

When you tap on Find Nearby, it will direct you to where your airtag is located and you can chose to play sound to make things easier for you.

This option comes in handy when traveling and you wants to locate where to collect your luggage.

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2. Using the map on Find My:

This very option is when tracking your airtag miles away from you. You simply have to open the Find My, navigate to Items and tap on the AirTag.

Right there on the map it will display the current location of the AirTag.

However, the Apple airtag displaying it’s current location depends on it updating it’s location, and this will occur if any iphone comes close to the AirTag like 30 feet.

This very option comes in handy when tracking a lost item like your car, bike, or even your pet and your family or love ones.

The limitations of using the airTag internationally

Now asking do airtags work internationally? The answer is yes, but there must be an iphone next or close to the Apple airtag.

Talking about the limitations of apple airtag especially when using it internationally, it is the fact that an iPhone must be within, close or next to the AirTag.

Then the question is;

What if the country don’t commonly use an iphone or ipad, especially in Europe and Africa?

This is one major issue I have with the Apple airtag.

If you want to track the AirTag miles away from you, there must be an iphone close to the AirTag in order for it to update to it’s current location.

In a country like the uk or Italy, where most people use android phones, you will find it hard time tracking your apple airtag because it won’t update it’s location.

Now listen, Apple AirTag work internationally, but in a situation whereby most users in a given country are android users, the Apple airtag may not work when it comes to tracking it from miles away from you.

Simply because it requires Find My and it’s ultra wide band on any iphone to update it’s location.

For example, in my country most people use samsung phones compared to the iphone. So if i want to track my AirTag miles away I will definitely find it a hard time.

I will be very lucky if someone using an iPhone passes by the AirTag.

If you live in the US, then you absolutely have no problem because iPhone is the most used phone in the US. You can easily track your airtag anywhere in a given time.

This is the limitation of the Apple airtag especially when you want to use it outside the United States.

So bear in mind that Apple airtag do work abroad. So far no country has banned apple airtag and it can be used in the airport as well.

Can you track AirTag cross country?

Yes you can track airtag across country using find my on your iPhone or iPad.

No matter where the AirTag is located, you can track it anywhere in the world but it goes down to having an iphone 30 feet close to the AirTag.

30 feet close to the AirTag will help the AirTag to update it’s currents location.

When there’s no iphone within 30 feet from the AirTag, then you can’t be able to track the AirTag across country.

Remember that from ios 17 and iPadOS 17 update, you can now share your airtag location with multiple devices.

This is a lot helpful if you have someone in the area, environment, state or country where your airtag is located, you simply have to share your airtag location with the person in order to help you track and recover it.

Are AirTags allowed in checked luggage international flights?

The answer is yes. Airtags are allowed in checked luggages in any international flights.

So far apple airtags, samsung smart tag or tile are not restricted in any flight, be it locally or internationally.

So you should not worry at all, and airtags are good and essential when traveling. It helps to easily locate your luggage, most travellers now use it a lot.

So asking do apple airtags work internationally? The answer is yes as it is not restricted in any country and can work in any given country as long as there’s an availability of an iPhone.

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