Do apple airtags work inside luggage? All explained

So you have been hearing apple airtag and it’s benefits especially when it comes to traveling, so right now you want to know if at all do apple airtags work inside luggage.

Well I’m here to answer all your questions relating to Apple airtags and using it to track your luggage when traveling.

First, I must say that the item is very essential in today’s society, and if you’re the type that travel a lot, I recommend you to get one for yourself.

So let’s proceed to what we have here.

Do apple airtags work inside luggage

Do apple airtags work inside luggage?

Yes, apple airtags do work inside luggage as you can use the precision finding feature to track your luggage.

For the fact that you’re asking do airtags work inside luggage simply means that you’re a newbie when it comes to using the Apple airtag.

For a better understanding, I will explain a little about the AirTag, how the AirTag work, and how you can use it to track your luggage.

But first, kindly note that Apple airtag will work inside a luggage or outside a luggage as long as your phone support the precision finding feature.

Lets continue.

Understanding the apple airtag

The Apple AirTag is a tiny or small coin-shaped device, developed by Apple in 2021 which is used to track items like keys, pets, luggages, etc, or some valuables items. 

The AirTag is designed to help users locate and keep track of their personal belongings such as keys, wallets, bags, and other items.

Talking about the Airtag, the device utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect with the user’s iPhone or other iphones nearby, making it a useful tool for preventing loss or misplacement of important items.

One good feature about the Apple airtag is that it is water-resistant and built to withstand everyday use. So even if your airtag fell into the water, you can still make use of it.

Before you can start using the Apple airtag, you should know that it uses Precision Finding capability which is only available from iphone 11 and above, to track items.

So far this Precision Finding capability is only available on iPhones and from iphone 11 series and above. I

The Precision Finding capability id not available on ipad, Mac, or older iphones versions.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use the Apple airtag on older iphones or ipad, you can but you won’t see the Precision Finding capability feature.

What will be available for you is to track the AirTag using the map on Find My, and this comes in handy if the Apple airtag is miles away from you.

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Using the apple airtag in luggage

In order not to bore you with long talk, let’s head over to how you can use the Apple airtag inside your luggage.


  1. Make sure your phone is from iphone 11 and above.
  2. Your phone has already being paired with your iPhone.
  3. Your phone is not in offline mode.

If you haven’t paired your phone with the Apple airtag, it’s so simple and let me show you the process.

Get started by opening the Apple airtag from the box, remove the cover and you will hear a beep sound which signifies that the AirTag has been activated.

Yeah, the AirTag activates on it’s own once you remove the cover and you hear the beep sound.

Now draw your phone very close to the AirTag or the AirTag very close to your phone, it will show up the AirTag on your phone.

Do apple airtags work inside luggage

Tap on the Connect Button to proceed to the next step.

Scroll down the list of options presented to you and you can select Luggage or any other options right there or enter your own custom name if you want. 

Tap continue, and it will link your apple ID with the AirTag and that’s it.

It’s so easy and no long process involved.

Once you’re done pairing your iPhone with your apple airtag, you’re good to go.

Simply open Find My on your iPhone, navigate to Items and right there you will see your airtag(s).

do airtags work inside luggage

The above picture is a typical example of how it will look on your screen.

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Getting started

As we are focused on the question of the day, do airtags work inside luggage, let me show you how you can use the AirTag inside your luggage.


  1. I recommend you to buy the Apple airtag holder as it is quite helpful in most cases.
  2. You may decide to buy two airtags for your luggage.

This is how the AirTag holder looks like.

will airtags work inside luggage

This particular airtag holder is very much helpful if you will put the AirTag outside the luggage or on the body of the luggage.

So once you have paired your airtag with your iPhone and embarking on a journey, all you need to do is to put the Apple airtag right inside your luggage.

You can choose to have the AirTag placed outside the luggage, with this you can be able to hear the sound when tracking your luggage.

Tracking your luggage

To track your luggage via the Apple AirTag, simply open Find My on your iPhone, navigate to items and tap on the airtag you want to track.

You will see where it says Find Nearby as shown below.

Do apple airtags work inside luggage

Tap on Find Nearby and it will open the Precision Finding capability feature to track your luggage.

It will display searching for signal if you’re quite far away from the AirTag. However, it will as you to move to a different location.

Airtag distance

When you get within the Bluetooth proximity of the AirTag, it will display the below image on your screen.

will airtags work inside luggage

When you move towards the AirTag, it will display the distance you’re from the AirTag.

Also, it will display the direction you should take in order to find your luggage.

Airtag direction

Now if you navigate to the right direction, immediately the display will turn green in color.

Do apple airtags work inside luggage

Kindly use the direction to locate your luggage. Once you get very close to the AirTag, your iPhone will start to vibrate.

You can choose to play a sound but only if you have the AirTag outside the luggage because if the AirTag is inside your luggage, I bet you won’t hear the sound.

So this is what is involved when it comes to using an airtag for your luggages.

To summarize this;

How do airtags work for luggage?

  1. You buy an iphone probably from Iphobe 11 series and above, and pair it with your airtag.
  2. The AirTag will be paired using your iPhone and Apple ID.
  3. You can put the AirTag inside your luggage or outside your luggage.
  4. To track the AirTag or your luggage, simply open Find My on your iPhone and navigate to Items.
  5. Tap on your airtag, and you will see a feature called Find Nearby.
  6. Tap on Find nearby and it will help you to navigate to your luggage using the Precision Finding capability feature.

So this is how airtags work for luggage and it is so easy to track your luggage with the device.

Remember, from ios 17 and iPadOS 17 update, you can now share your airtag location with others.

This means that you can share your location with your friends and family when embarking on a journey as long as you have an apple airtag with you.

You can read more on how you can share your airtag location with multiple devices.

Airtag inside or outside luggage?

I prefer airtag to be outside the luggage as you can be able to play and hear the AirTag sound.

However, there’s nothing wrong putting the AirTag right inside your luggage.

As long as you have the AirTag inside the AirTag holder, you can firmly attach it to your luggage. Most people I’ve seen tends to put the AirTag outside their luggage rather than inside the luggage.

You shouldn’t worry if the Apple airtag is prohibited because it is not.

So far there’s no ban on apple airtags or any other tracking device like the Samsung smart tag or tile. You can have these tracking devices in your luggage when traveling.

Will AirTags beep in checked luggage?

Airtags will not beep in a checked luggage. Kindly note that Apple airtag will beep when you first opened it unboxed the AirTag, removed your phone from the AirTag, play sound, or when the battery is low.

But you shouldn’t bother if your airtag will beep during checking because the device is not banned.

You can have your airtag in your luggage when traveling.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, do apple airtags work inside luggage. So if you’re traveling today, don’t forget to get an apple airtag as it is quite helpful.

Though only for iPhone users.

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