Do airtags require a subscription? Answered

Do airtags require a subscription?

You must be a newbie if you’re searching for this question, but don’t worry I will explain all you need to know when it comes to using the Apple airtag.

The Apple airtag is good for tracking items like pets, tracking luggages, bikes, cars and even humans as well. So the question is does it have a monthly subscription fee attached to it.

Let’s proceed with the answer.

do airtags require a subscription

Do airtags require a subscription?

The answer is no. Apple airtag don’t come with a subscription, and once you purchase one for yourself, that’s it.

Kindly note that Apple airtag cost $25, so there’s nothing like subscription fee attached to it.

You can buy the Apple airtag from any apple store around you, or from amazon or eBay. Once you purchased the AirTag, you’re good to go.

Apple doesn’t have a fee or monthly fee for their airtag, once you made the one time payment of $25, you’re good to go.

You can use your apple airtag until the battery runs down then you can replace the battery. Also, using apple airtag don’t have anything to do with network service provider, so there’s absolutely nothing like subscription fee.

You don’t need to worry asking about do airtags require a subscription because there’s none.

I recommend to go through this post to fully learn how apple airtag work.

How the airTag works

First you should know that Apple airtag works from ios 14.5 and above, but to use the Precision Finding which uses the ultrawide band technology, you must have iphone 11 and above.

The Apple airtag makes use of Bluetooth Connectivity.

The AirTag uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to your iPhone. When the AirTag is within Bluetooth range (approximately 40 feet or 6 meters) of your iPhone, it establishes a connection. The AirTag then periodically sends out a Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby iOS devices.

The AirTag itself is a small, lightweight disc with a white plastic front and a stainless steel back. It has a built-in speaker and a removable cover that allows you to replace the battery.

To use an AirTag, you need an iPhone running iOS 14.5 or later. When you first set up the AirTag, it needs to be paired with your iPhone.

You simply bring the AirTag close to your iPhone, and it will automatically recognize it. The AirTag is then linked to your Apple ID.

Once the AirTag is set up, you can attach it to your belongings, such as keys, bags, wallets, or anything else you want to track.

AirTag works in conjunction with the Find My app on your iPhone.

The Find My app is a built-in app on iOS devices that helps you locate lost or misplaced items. It can also be accessed from any other Apple device signed in with your Apple ID.

When you want to find an item attached to an AirTag, you open the Find My app and select the item from the list of devices.

The app uses Bluetooth signals from nearby devices, mostly iPhones, to detect the AirTag’s location. It shows you the approximate location of the AirTag on a map.

If you’re within Bluetooth range of the AirTag, you can use the Precision Finding feature for more accurate tracking.

This feature utilizes Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology on iPhone 11 or later models. It provides a more precise direction and distance to the AirTag, guiding you to its location using on-screen instructions and haptic feedback.

If your AirTag is out of Bluetooth range, you can mark it as “Lost” in the Find My app.

When another iPhone user comes within Bluetooth range of your AirTag, their device can detect its presence and securely relay its location to you, anonymously. This crowd-sourced tracking helps you locate your lost item even if you’re not nearby.

So this is how the Apple airtag works.

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does airtag have a monthly fee

Do you have to pay a membership for AirTags?

You don’t pay a membership fee for Apple airtags. There’s no membership fee attached to Apple airtags.

Even the Samsung smart tag has no subscription fee or membership fee.

The truth is that the Apple airtag is very essential and nice especially if you’re the type that travel a lot. However, you can as well use it to track your child.

Yes you heard what I said.

Use the Apple airtag to track your child and I know quite a number of persons that use the Apple airtag to track their child especially those in elementary.

But remember, it is illegal to track someone using the Apple airtag without their consent.

Very illegal unless it doesn’t apply to your country.

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Does an AirTag work without service?

Yes apple airtags do works without services as it uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to an iPhone.

When it comes to using the Apple airtag, it absolutely has nothing to do with service or network service.

Now listen, if you’re within the Bluetooth proximity, you can track the AirTag without using a Wi-Fi. However, if the AirTag is very far away from you or miles away from you, then you have to use the internet to track the AirTag on find my.

This time, it will make use of the map on Find my.

To make use of the map on Find my, you must have an active internet connection on your iPhone.

Do you need an Apple ID to use an AirTag?

Absolutely yes. You need an apple ID to use an AirTag as airtags are linked to Apple IDs.

To pair an apple airtag to your phone, your phone must have an apple ID because it is very compulsory as apple airtags are linked to a particular apple ID.

So when pairing an apple airtag to your iPhone, it will be linked to your apple ID, and all devices connected to your apple ID will see the AirTag on find my.

For example, I’m using one apple ID for my iphone, ipad, Mac and Apple watch.

As I connected the AirTag to my iphone, I was able to see the AirTag when I opened find my on my apple watch, ipad and MacBook.

This is because all my apple devices are connected to the same apple ID. Even though I paired the AirTag with my iPhone, I was able to see the AirTag on my ipad, Apple watch, and MacBook.

Lastly before I go, does airtag have a monthly fee? The answer is no. Apple airtags don’t have a monthly fee or membership fee attached to the device.

Once you purchase the tracking device, you’re good to go. And with this I do hope to have answered the question we have here for today, do airtags require a subscription.


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