Do airtags notify other iphones? Answered

The Apple airtag is a tracking device, it utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect with nearby Apple devices, like the iPhone.

When looking for a good tracking device, there’s no doubt about the Apple airtag especially when it comes to tracking valuable items.

Now the question we have about the Apple airtag is do airtags notify other iphones.

To notify means to send alerts to other nearby iPhones about an airtag around.

So let’s jump in.

do airtags notify other iphones

Do airtags notify other iphones?

Yes, airtags do notify other iphones if an unknown apple airtag is detected near them.

Previously, that wasn’t the case but since individuals now use the airtags to track people and not items, Apple released an update that will notify you if you’re being tracked with an airtag.

However, this will occur after a few hours of the airtag has been with you.

From my experience, this works perfectly fine if you’re using an iPhone 11 series and later iphone versions like the 12 series, 13 series, 14 series, and the 15 series.

Though you can receive this message on an iPad.

As individuals has decided to abuse the purpose of the AirTag airtag by using it to track people, Apple now made it possible for people to get notified if an unknown airtag has been following them.

Asking do airtags notify other iphones, the answer is yes. Find my app will notify a person if an unknown airtag has been detected near the person.

Unknown simply means an airtag not connected to the person’s iPhone or apple ID.

So far, this makes it quite difficult to track a person using the Apple airtag though it can take a while before you’re notified about it.

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Unknown AirTag detected near you

Once an unknown airtag has been moving with you over a certain period of time, you will be notified about it.

It will say an unknown airtag detected near you or an airtag moving with you.

do airtags notify other iphones

This will occur if you’re using an iPhone. For the likes of apple watch, ipad or Mac, you won’t receive this type of notification if an airtag is following you.

This is because these apple devices don’t support or have the Precision Finding, which is only available on iPhone 11 series and above.

Even if you have older iphone models, still you won’t receive the AirTag detect near you alert if someone is tracking you with an airtag. This is another disadvantage of the Apple airtag, the Precision Finding capability is only available on iphone 11 series and above.

Through Find My app, you will be notified if someone is tracking you with an airtag or maybe an airtag is detected near you.

So with this, you can look for the airtag though in some cases it might be quite difficult to find the airtag especially if the owner removed the sound.

Can two phones see an AirTag?

Yes, two phones can see an airtag if it is moving with them, and the AirTag is not connected to these phones.

In terms of two phones tracking a single airtag, that is very much possible since the release of ios 17 update.

With ios 17 and iPadOS 17 update, multiple devices can track the Apple airtag and this is possible through airtag location sharing. The AirTag owner can share the location to multiple phones or apple ID.

But remember, this works on ios 17, and what it means is that both the airtag owner, and the other parties or party must be on ios 17 update in order to share airtag location.

Once you share airtag location with other apple users like your family members or friends, they can be able to track your airtag wherever they are.

You can read How to share airtag location with family member and friends.

How to know if AirTag is tracking you

If an airtag is tracking you or your location, you will receive a notification that an airtag is detected near you or an airtag is moving with you.

Previously, this wasn’t the case as someone might use an airtag to track you and you will never get to know about it.

However, as apple found out that airtag users are using the airtag to track people, they came up with an update that notify someone if an unknown airtag gas been moving with them.

Normally you will not know until you receive a notification that an airtag is detected near you or moving with you.

But in certain situations, this might be a false alarm by apple.

What you have to do if you receive the notification on your iPhone or ipad is to try move to another location and see if the alert will still be there.

Apple confirmed that sometimes it may actually be a false alarm. So you shouldn’t worry much if you receive the airtag detected near you or moving with you notification.

How long before AirTag alerts

According to apple, it will take close to 8 hours before you will receive the airtag alert on your apple device.

In some cases, it may pass the 8 hours time during which is quite annoying if someone is truly tracking you with an airtag.

Msybe with subsequent update and airtag firmware, the time duration will not be long for someone to get notified or alerted about an unknown airtag moving with the person.

Once again does airtag notify other devices? Yes, airtag do notify other devices if detected near the devices for a long period of time.

In the case of android phone, you won’t receive the notification as thid works through Find My app on iPhone or iPad.

Airtag quick overview

As apple airtag is a tracking device just like the Samsung smart tag or tile itself, it is very beneficial when it comes to tracking of valuable items.

Once paired, the Find My app allows users to monitor the location of their AirTag-associated items on a map.

If an item is misplaced, the app can guide users to its approximate location using visual and audible cues. The AirTag emits a sound when prompted, aiding in locating the object.

AirTag also benefits from Apple’s network of devices, enabling a crowd-sourced network to help locate lost items even if they are out of Bluetooth range.

If the AirTag is far from the owner’s device, nearby Apple devices can anonymously relay its location to the owner without revealing the location to anyone else.

In essence, AirTag is a practical tool that leverages technology and Apple’s ecosystem to make keeping track of personal items easier and more efficient. And with this I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, do airtags notify other iphones.

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