How to change caller id on iphone (Detailed guide)

This post entails the necessary information on how to change caller id on iphone and if at all there’s a possibility to do so.

One of the ways to identify someone during incoming call is through the person’s caller ID. Without the caller ID you may not neccesarily know who is calling your number unless you have saved the person’s number on your smartphone.

There are certain occasion or situation whereby you want to change your caller ID and which is quite common, but the question being asked is;

Can i change my caller id? 

The answer is yes. You can change your caller ID if you choose to but it goes down to your carrier network and set rules on changing caller id.

Remember, changing your caller ID simply means to change the name that displays on outgoing calls and I’m talking about how to change my name on caller ID. 

Later in the article I will explain how you change the caller ID to no caller id while making an outgoing call.

Changing the name on your caller ID is quite possible but first you need to contact your carrier network, inquire about the possibility and from their answer you will know what to do next.

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Talking about how to change caller id on iPhone, only your network service provider can only change your caller ID unless your carrier made a provision for their subscribers to change their caller ID without requiring their assistance.

Some carriers will never let you change your caller ID unless there is a need for that especially if in the case of a change of name, etc.

how to change caller id on iphone


How to change caller id on iphone

To change the name of your caller ID, you have to update the caller ID name on your profile or contact your carrier to update it for you.

If you are using AT&T network, this is how to go about it.

  1. Go to your myAT&T Profile and select People & permissions.
  2. Select Show details for the number you want to update on Caller ID.
  3. Choose Edit for Caller ID.
  4. Enter the info and select Save.

According to AT&T, you may have to sign out and sign back in to see the new name displayed online and it can take up to 72 business hours for caller IDs to show an updated Caller ID name.

Lastly, people may need to clear your number from their Caller ID record for your new name to appear.

For T-Mobile Network:

  • Open the T-Mobile app on your phone
  • Go to the Home screen. Choose T-Mobile.
  • Select more and select profile settings
  • Select caller ID and also select your line
  • Under First name, enter your first name and under Last name, enter a last name.
  • Scroll down. Choose Save Caller ID name.

And that’s it. Your caller ID has been changed.

For other carriers please contact your carrier network and inquire on how to change caller id name on iPhone.

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How to change caller id on iphone to no caller id

If what you’re looking for is to hide your caller id or change to it no caller id, this is how to go about it.

Get started by opening the settings app, scroll down to PHONE and open it.

how to change caller id on iphone

As you opened phone, scroll down to where it states Show My Caller ID and tap to open it.

Show my caller id

If you open Show My caller ID, you will see another option with a button that says Show My Caller ID, please go ahead and disable the option by sliding the button backwards and it will be grey or white in color.

Once you disabled the Show My Caller ID on your iPhone, it will hide your phone number when it comes to outgoing call and what the recipient will see is No Caller ID. 

Understanding the caller id

The caller ID is a feature on a phone which is used to recognize or know a caller of an incoming call. 

Without a caller id, it can be quite difficult to find who is calling unless you have the person’s number saved in your phone.

Once you are purchasing a new SIM card for your phone, it requires you to set up a profile for the sim card. The name you entered while creating your profile is the name that will display on your caller ID.

Once you’re done, all outgoing calls will show the name you used for your sim card and account profile.

So far it is not every network service provider offers the Show My Caller ID feature.

If your carrier don’t support it, the recipient will only see the name used he or she used to save the contact, and if the contact is not saved in the recipient phone then only the number will show.

If your carrier supports it, then what will display during outgoing calls will be the name that is linked to your sim card or the name you used to create a profile with your carrier when purchasing the sim card.

The No Caller ID

how to change caller id on iphone

Have you ever came across the no caller ID on your iPhone before and still understand what it means and why you’re seeing such.

It’s so simple.

The no caller id on iphone during incoming call mean that the phone or the network carrier couldn’t detect the name and number of the incoming call.

This occurs if the caller decides to hide his or her number to call your line.

On android it is called Private call, while on iphone it is called no caller id. It means the caller hid his number to contact you. Right now it is not everyone that love to receive such a call on their phone, and iPhone has a very good way to block such calls.

On iPhone there’s what is called silence unknown caller and this feature is so perfect when it comes to blocking no caller id calls.

However, I wouldn’t advise you to enable the feature as you end up blocking important no caller id calls. But if you don’t think so, then you can go ahead to enable silence unknown callers on your iPhone.

To silence unknown callers on your iPhone;

  • Open the settings app and scroll down to phone.
  • Open app and towards the bottom of the page and you will see silence unknown caller.
  • Open it and slide on the button to enable the option.
  • Once you have done that, you will never receive calls from no caller id or callers hiding their identity.

What the silence unknown caller will do is to redirect such callers straight to voicemail if applicable, and if there’s no voicemail on the phone, the call will show as busy and end immediately.

How to set caller id on iphone

By default, caller if is set or enabled on iPhone. Once you purchase a sim card from your carrier, your profile name will be your caller ID.

There’s nothing for you to set up as show my caller id on iphone is enabled on default unless you want to disable the feature on your iPhone and hide your identity for outgoing calls.

If you’re trying to know how to change caller id name on iphone, you simply have to reach out to your carrier and request for the procedure of changing your caller ID name.

Mostly it requires updating your profile settings on your carrier network page though not every carrier will give you the opportunity to do so unless there is a good reason or need to change caller id name on your iphone

How to change caller id on iphone 12

To change caller id on iphone 12 and set it to no caller id, simply open the settings app and open phone. Look at the given options and you will see Show My Caller ID, open it and turn it off on your iPhone.

If asking how to change caller id on iphone 12 simply means to change the name on caller ID, simply contact contact your carrier and request for the procedure as this very one involves updating your profile settings on your carrier network page.

Once again on how to change the name on caller ID on your iPhone, you simply have to update the caller ID name on your carrier profile settings or contact your carrier to update it for you.

It is as simple as that.

Why does my name show up on Caller ID iPhone?

Your name show up on caller ID because show my caller id is enabled on your iPhone, your carrier support the caller id feature, and that’s the name you gave when purchasing a new SIM card.

As long as show my caller id is enabled on an iPhone and the carrier supports it, once you make an outgoing call on your iPhone what will display on the recipient phone will be the name you used on your carrier network profile settings.

If you go ahead to disable it, then it simply means you will be hiding your identity during outgoing calls and whereas not everyone would want to receive a private call or no caller id call.


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