Can you track airtag miles away? All explained

Since the release of apple airtag, it has been quite useful when using the AirTag to track a lost item.

One of the questions asked when it comes to using the Apple airtag is, can you track airtag miles away.

This is our main focus in today’s article, and I want you to know that there are two main ways of tracking the Apple airtag which are; using the Bluetooth feature, and using the map on Find My.

So let’s proceed with the the question we have here.

can you track airtag miles away

Can you track airtag miles away?

The simple answer is yes. You can track an airtag miles away by using the map on Find my and which requires internet connection.

When it comes to tracking an airtag miles away, you will have to use find my on your iPhone or iPad to track the AirTag no matter the distance.

You can even track an airtag from another state or country.

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Before I go further into the topic of can you track airtag miles away, let me explain the ways you can track an airtag.

Bluetooth tracking

The Apple airtag mostly use the Bluetooth feature to track an airtag, but it must be within it’s proximity and which is 30 to 40 feet.

If it’s exceed the 30 to feet 40 feet, it will show tracking unavailable unless you have to use the map on Find my to know the exact location of the AirTag.

But if you’re within the AirTag proximity, it will navigate you through to the right direct of where the AirTag is located.

Thid very bluetooth tracking doesn’t require internet connection at all, and all you need to do is to open Find My, navigate to items and tap on the AirTag.

You will see where it says Find(nearby) as shown below.

can you track airtag miles away

When you tap on the Find nearby button, it will open the direct and start to navigate where the AirTag is located in.

If you’re far away from the AirTag using the Bluetooth feature, it will indicate as shown in the picture below.

Tracking airtag

So all you have to do is to move until it shows how many meters or feet you’re from the AirTag.

Most time it will require that you move to a different direction to locate your item


If you’re close to the AirTag but going to the wrong direction, it will indicate that the direction you’re going is wrong but instead you should navigate to your left or right based on where the AirTag is located in.

can you track airtag miles away

Once the AirTag direction is black in color, you should know that you’re going to the wrong direction.

However, if you’re at the right direction, the AirTag direction will be green in color, and which will display how many meters you’re from the AirTag.

can you track airtag miles away

You can decide to play the sound to get to the AirTag.

This is what is involved when it comes using the Bluetooth feature to track your airtag nearby.

But this question we have here says can you track airtag miles away.

In this very aspect, the Bluetooth feature is not essential because the AirTag is not nearby or within the Bluetooth proximity.

So this is where the Apple map comes in handy.

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Using map on find my

This method requires internet connection and you can track your airtag in another state or country. This makes use of the Apple map on Find my.

Now listen to this;

For this to work or to track your airtag miles away;

  1. There must be an iphone close or next to the AirTag.
  2. The AirTag will frequently update it’s current location especially when in motion.

These are the two major things to hear in mind when tracking an airtag miles away.

Let me explain them.

1. There must be an iphone close or next to the AirTag: For you to be able to track an airtag miles away, there must be an iphone(s) close or next to the AirTag.

The Apple airtag uses Find My to update it’s location, and this very find my is only available on apple device. However, Apple built the AirTag in such a way that it will update it’s location once it detects a nearby iphone.

If there’s no nearby iphone close to the AirTag, you can’t track the AirTag on your iPhone or iPad because it won’t update it’s location.

Instead what you will see will be location unavailable.

So asking can you track airtag miles away, the answer is yes but there must be an iphone close to the AirTag for it to update it’s location.

So if the AirTag happens to be in a location where everyone is using a Samsung phone or android phone, I’m sorry you will find it a hard time tracking the AirTag.

2. The AirTag will frequently update it’s current location especially when in motion: This is where airtag users find it quite annoying, the Apple airtag doesn’t update frequently.

From what I have observed, when the Apple airtag is in motion or moving, it frequently updates it’s location compared to when it is motionless.

If the Apple airtag is motionless, it is quite difficult to update it’s current location and most people find this very annoying.

So when it comes to tracking an apple airtag miles away, all you have to do is to open the Find My on your iPhone or iPad.

Navigate to items and tap on the AirTag.

Now look at the map and it will indicate where the AirTag is depending on how it frequently updates it’s location.

If the AirTag is another state, then you can take a plane and head over there. But remember, with ios 17 update, multiple devices can track an airtag and this is very helpful in terms of theft.

You can read about how to share AirTag location with multiple devices.

Challenges in tracking AirTag from a distance

The major challenges in tracking AirTag from a distance is the lack of updates.

This can result to due to no iphone close or next to the AirTag, or the AirTag is motionless which prevent the AirTag from updating very frequently.

If you happen to be in an environment where most people use android phones and tablets, you will find it very difficult tracking your airtag from a distance.

In fact this is the most challenging aspect of the Apple airtag, not being able to recognize android devices.

If you live in Europe where android phone dominates, Apple AirTag may not necessarily be what you should be using. You should go for tile or samsung smart tag.

Can you track AirTag anywhere?

Yes you can track airtag anywhere using the Find nearby option or using the map on Find my.

As long as there’s an iphone around the AirTag, you can track an apple airtag anywhere in the world.

Apple airtag and how it works

AirTag is a small, coin-shaped device developed by Apple that is designed to help users locate and track their belongings. Here’s how AirTag works:

  1. Hardware: AirTag consists of a small disc-shaped device with a built-in speaker, accelerometer, Bluetooth radio, and replaceable battery. The device is lightweight and can be attached to various items such as keys, wallets, bags, or other valuables.
  2. Pairing: To set up an AirTag, you need an iPhone or iPad running the latest version of iOS or iPadOS. By bringing the AirTag close to the device, it automatically pairs through the use of the U1 Ultra-Wideband chip or Bluetooth.
  3. Integration with Find My App: Once paired, the AirTag is linked to your Apple ID and becomes part of the Find My network. The Find My app is pre-installed on most Apple devices, and it allows you to track your AirTag and other Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs.
  4. Location Tracking: AirTag utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect with nearby Apple devices that are part of the Find My network. These devices act as “relay points” and securely communicate the location information of your AirTag to iCloud.
  5. Precision Finding: iPhones equipped with the U1 chip (starting from iPhone 11) offer a feature called Precision Finding. It utilizes Ultra-Wideband technology to provide more accurate distance and direction information to help locate your AirTag. This feature can guide you to the precise location of your AirTag using on-screen visual and haptic feedback.
  6. Notifications and Alerts: If you misplace an item with an AirTag attached, you can use the Find My app to play a sound on the AirTag to help locate it. Additionally, if you mark an item as lost in the Find My app, you’ll receive a notification if the AirTag is detected by another Apple device in the Find My network. The person who finds the AirTag can use their device to view a message and contact information provided by the owner.

It’s important to note that AirTag relies on Bluetooth and nearby Apple devices to be effective. Therefore, it may have limited functionality in areas with fewer Apple device users.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, can you track airtag miles away.

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