Are airtags allowed in checked luggage? Explained

So you’re traveling and same time trying to understand if at all are airtags allowed in checked luggage. This post will explain everything to you especially based on my experience.

First, I would like you know that Apple airtag battery are not sufficient enough to cause a harm to an airplane. This is one major reason some tracking devices are not allowed.

But what of apple airtags?

Let’s find out.

are airtags allowed in checked luggage

Are airtags allowed in checked luggage?

Apple airtags are allowed in checked luggage. So far, there’s no airline that has restricted the use of apple airtags in luggages. 

Previously, Lufthansa banned the use of Apple airtags in luggages, but few months ago the ban was lifted.

Right now you can put your airtag in your luggage, and bear in mind that they are allowed in checked luggages.

So you don’t have to worry using your airtags in your luggages when traveling because it is not restricted device.

Aside from the Apple airtag, even the likes of samsung smart tag and tile are also not restricted in checked luggages.

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Where to put airtag in luggage

For me, I prefer to put the AirTag outside the luggage but make sure it is firmly attached to the luggage.

However, you can choose to put your airtag inside your luggage or outside your luggage.

This is another question some will ask, should I put my airtag inside my luggage or maybe I should have it outside my luggage.

For me, I prefer to have it outside my luggage as I can the play the AirTag sound when needed.

But still you can have your airtag right inside your luggage and still be able to track your luggage. So if it is inside or just outside your luggage, it is very much okay though I still prefer outside the luggage.

Now when it comes to tracking your luggage using the Apple airtag, there are certain things that you should know.

If you’re new to using the Apple airtag, this is very essential for you in understanding apple airtag and how it works especially when using it to track your luggage.

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Learning about the apple airtag

As we all know that airtag is tracking device made by apple in 2021 to use it to track items like luggages, pets, keys, cars, bikes, etc.

The question is how does this very device work.

This is what I will explain to you below.

Before you can use the AirTag to track your luggage or any other item, you must part it with your phone and Apple ID.

I’m sure you know about it, so I won’t discuss how to pair airtag with your phone.

After you must have paired your airtag with your phone and Apple ID, next is to track your item via the AirTag paired to your phone.

As the main focus here is, are airtags allowed in checked luggage, I will be using a luggage as an example.

To track your luggage or the AirTag, you have to open Find My on your iPhone.

There are two main ways of tracking the AirTag and which are;

  1. Using the Find Nearby option.
  2. Using the map on Find My.

For a better understanding, I will explain how the Apple airtag work using the two options I listed.

1. Using the Find Nearby option

As the Apple airtag utilizes Bluetooth technology to connect with the user’s iPhone or other iphones nearby, this very Find Nearby option use what is called Precision Finding capability to track down your apple airtag.

However, the Precision Finding capability is only available on iPhones.

When i say only available on iPhones, I mean to say it the Precision Finding capability is only available from iPhone 11 series and above.

It is not available on iphone xs series below, not available on ipad or MacBook.

So if you want to use the Find Nearby option which uses the Precision Finding capability to track the AirTag, you must use an iPhone to track your luggage.

Below is the Find Nearby option I’m talking about.

are airtags allowed in checked luggage

If you care to check on older iphones, from iphone xs below, you won’t thar very option. This also includes on ipad and MacBook.

The Find Nearby option is used to track a airtag when nearby or within the Bluetooth proximity, which is 30 to 40 feet in most cases.

Below is how it will look when using the Find nearby option to track your airtag.


You have to follow the Apple airtag instructions to get to the right direction of your luggage.

Precision Finding capability

When you start moving towards the right direction as to where your luggage or the AirTag is located in, the background will to turn to green.

are airtags allowed in checked luggage

When you get very close to the AirTag, your phone will start to vibrate.

Remember, if your luggage is far away from you or beyond the required bluetooth proximity of the AirTag, then you have to use the map to track your luggage. 

This brings us to the second method of tracking the AirTag.

2. Using the map on Find My

This option comes I’m handy if your airtag is miles away from you or far away from the Bluetooth Precision Finding capability.

All you need to do is to open the Find My, navigate to Items, and tap on the AirTag.

Right there on your screen you will see a map, then from there you can see the location of the AirTag.

are airtags allowed in checked luggage
An illustration of an airtag on find my

But one major issue with this option is the Airtag getting updated.

One of the rules for an apple airtag to get updated is that;

  • There must be an iphone next to or code to the AirTag.

One major issue I have with the AirTag is that it doesn’t update very frequently like the Samsung smart tag or tile device. But still, you can use it to track your luggage or your item.

You can read fully on how the Apple airtag work.

Are airtags allowed in carry on luggage?

The answer is yes. Airtags are fully allowed in carry on luggage as they are not restricted. 

Whether it is in the airport, checked luggage or carry on luggage, Apple airtags are allowed in the US, Europe, Asia or even in Africa.

Does American Airlines allow AirTags?

Yes, American Airlines do accept airtags even in checked luggage.

The only airline that restricted the Apple airtag or any other airtag is the Lufthansa, but they have so far reversed the ban.

You can use the Apple airtag in Lufthansa airline and I don’t know if there’s any other airlines that restricted or banned apple airtags.

And this is where I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day, are airtags allowed in checked luggage, and once again the answer is yes. Airtags are allowed in checked luggages.

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